Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pear "31"

Well it was only the most rain in the history of the PB, but amazingly enough it didn't stop everyone from having an otherwise great run! Rogue Valley Runners Neil Olsen (56:14), Todd Ragsdale (57:32), Hal Koerner (57:41), and John Leuthold (57:46) all finished in the top 10 while Ashland High coach Bob Julian (54:24) earned top valley runner status finishing 3rd. Store employee Chris Rennaker (1:06:46) set a new pr in the atrocious conditions as did Carly Varner (1:23:02). Congrats to all finishers, it wasn't easy.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

500th Hash!

" Local running notable, Hal Koerner opened the doors to the new running store(Rogue Valley Runners), which had beer and M&M's on the back porch proving that serious runners use it to hydrate and eat candy."

Over 500 hash runs for our little town, I find it amazing that these guys and gals can remember to put on such an extravagaza after all that drinking!

I succumbed to the new shoe rule! As a visitor to the hash, and having what appeared to be "new" shoes I had to use them as my keg cup. I guess I can admit that they mad me "tea bag" them with my sock, ughh.

I can't wait til tuesdays this summer to catch up with the hashers and take part in what has become an Ashland landmark.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Running on the Sun

I was back in the desert for the first time in a long time to take care of some unfinished business. South of Tucson and north of Nogales, in the Coronado National Forest among the Santa Rita mountains and a bunch of dust lies 50 miles of trails set to punish even the most hardened ultra runner. Last year, my half-hearted effort and beat up body pushed through the course in just under 8 hours having only sniffed first place at the crack of the starting pistol.

The race began under stars and a startling chill but, in the land of the rising sun I quickly found myself chasing the ghost of Brandon Sybrowsky as my closest competitors began to wither. It was no wonder I couldn't find him, as the noon day sun and the temps began to rise, the sun shown brightly and I had to squint. Although I was 2 minutes up on his CR at mile 40, I faded in the rays to finish 7:15. A little redemption from last years woes and now I am looking forward to getting the chance to place first in Arizona's two premier 50 milers as the Zane Grey 50 looms on the horizon later this month.

2006 Ultrarunner of the Year

Nice to finally break into the top 5. First time that I can remember that the top 5 were all trail ultra runners from the West.

2006 UltraRunning Magazine's Runners of the Year
(first-place votes in parentheses)

1. Karl Meltzer, 38, UT (7) 154
2. Scott Jurek, 32, WA (7) 150
3. Jorge Pacheco, 39, CA (1) 98
4. Phil Kochik, 28, WA 71
5. Hal Koerner, 30, OR 56
6. Howard Nippert, 41, VA 53
7. Eric Grossman, 38, KY 51
8. Leigh Schmitt, 33, MA 40
9. Bob Sweeney, 39, NY 30
10. Graham Cooper, 36, CA 27
Josh Brimhall, 31, NV 27

Performance of the Year
1. Scott Jurek's Spartathlon 255 Km, 22:52:18 (10) 54
2. Howard Nippert's World 100 Km, 6:52:56 (2) 50
3. Jorge Pacheco's Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile, 13:16:56 31
4. Greg Crowther's Sunmart 50 Mile, 5:37:37 (1) 13
5. Anton Krupicka's Leadville 100 Mile, 17:01:56 11

1. Anne Lundblad, 40, NC (9) 160
2. Nikki Kimball, 35, MT (6) 154
3. Kami Semick, 40, OR 110
4. Beverly Anderson-Abbs, 42, CA 101
5. Connie Gardner, 42, OH 73
6. Darcy Africa, 31, CO 61
7. Krissy Moehl, 29, WA 59
8. Julie Udchacon, 36, AK 27
9. Carolyn Smith, 41, WI 20
10. Sue Johnston, 41, CA 16

Performance of the Year
1. Anne Lundblad's World 100 Km, 7:47:18 (13) 73
2. Kami Semick's World 100 Km, 7:56:19 34
3. Nikki Kimball's Western States 100 Mile, 19:26:51 (1) 26
4. Beverly Anderson-Abbs Vermont 100 Mile, 16:52:33 16
Carolyn Smith's Ultracentric 24 Hour, 139.2 Miles 16