Sunday, November 30, 2008

Erik Skaggs Settles a Score

Sometimes winning is just not enough.

After winning the 2007 edition of the Quad Dipsea, a 28.4-mile trail race that takes place in the Marin Headlands just north of San Francisco, Ashland, Oregon resident and Rogue Valley Runners employee Erik Skaggs still wasn't satisfied. You see, there was still one thing that bothered him: he had missed the course record by 30 seconds. Bound to rectify the situation, Erik set out in 2008 with one of his main running goals being vindication at the 2008 Quad Dipsea.

A study in effort. Skaggs lays it down.

With an impressive "stick-to-itness" that only manifests itself when you want something bad enough, Erik worked hard and focused his energies. Low and behold his work paid off! Erik not only became a repeat Champion at the Quad Dipsea, but he also eclipsed a course record that has stood for 16 years (held by infamous northern California runner Carl Anderson). Finishing in 3:52:16, only 13 seconds ahead of Anderson's record, Erik has cemented himself in the annals of ultrarunning history. The second place runner finished 23 minutes behind him!

Cresting one of the many climbs on the Quad Dipsea course.

Erik Skaggs passing through an aid station.

Ashlander Jenn Shelton also started the 2008 Quad Dipsea. Jenn dropped at the half way mark, while in the lead. Why? She was heard mumbling something like, "There was no way I was going to turn around and run up those darn steps again!"

Jenn Shelton found that half of the Quad Dipsea was good enough this day.

More photos can be found here. A short article can be found at the Marin Independent Journal.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

2008 Oregon Mountain Running Series Wrap-Up

The final scoring for the 2008 La Sportiva/USA Track and Field Oregon Mountain Running Series have been tallied. The series revolved around four mountain running races in the state of Oregon; two of which took place in southern Oregon. The races were as follows (including race's date, distance and number of total finishers):

Applegate Lake, the setting for the Granite Man Mtn. Run.
June 7 - Granite Man Mountain Run - 10 miles (75 finishers)

Mount Ashland, from Ashland, OR.
August 2 - Mt. Ashland Hillclimb Run - 13 miles (178 finishers)

Mount Bachelor
August 30 - Sunrise to Summit - 3 miles (138 finishers)

Mt. Hood
September 21 - NW Mountain Running Championships - 6 miles (71 finishers)

Runners scored points based on their time as a percentage of the winner's overall time. The runners' top three times were used in calculating their overall points (300 points being the maximum score). In order to be eligible for the scoring runners had to be a registered member of USA Track and Field.

Here's a list of the series top runners from 2008. Look closely, you may recognize some southern Oregon runners.

Name ------ Age --- Age Group - Sex - TOTAL POINTS
Richard Bolt 38 0 - 39 (Open) M 289.51 (4 races)
Ian Torrence 35 0 - 39 (Open) M 275.71 (4 races)
Lisa Nye 39 0 - 39 (Open) F 170.14 (2 races)
Aaron Coe 25 0 - 39 (Open) M 169.31 (2 races)
Joe Gray 24 0 - 39 (Open) M 100.00 (1 race)
Max King 28 0 - 39 (Open) M 99.92 (1 race)
Tyler Walsh 18 0 - 39 (Open) M 90.79 (1 race)
Hal Koerner 32 0 - 39 (Open) M 89.71 (1 race)
Scott Jurek 34 0 - 39 (Open) M 89.47 (1 race)
Bob Jullian 40 40 - 49 M 88.79 (1 race)
Torrey Lindbo 35 0 - 39 (Open) M 81.96 (1 race)
Dean Giblin 43 40 - 49 M 80.05 (1 race)
David Jordan 40 40 - 49 M 79.20 (1 race)

Head over to Richard Bolt's USATF Mountain, Ultra & Trail Blog for more information on the 2008 series and for what's to come in 2009.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rogue Valley Challenge

This past weekend a hardy crew of Rogue Valley Runners hit the roads for the Rogue Valley Challenge. The "Challenge" is essentially a 100K relay event that tours some of the beautiful back roads found in the Rogue Valley. The RVR team was comprised of five individuals (Trevor Palmer, John Leuthold, Hal Koerner, and the brothers Skaggs) who each ran four legs ranging in distance from 2.4 to 4.1 miles. Team RVR managed to finish in 5:42.51 establishing a solid standard for the new 100K course. Full results can be found at the Southern Oregon Runners website and additional photos shot by Andy Atkinson can be found here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Javelina Jundred 100 Mile Trail Run

Not all stories end up the way you wish them to, but you learn from them and try again.

Talent's Todd Ragsdale and Central Point's Neil Olsen stepped into a realm of running that they had never experienced before. The two travelled to the desert southwest for the Javelina Jundred 100 Mile Trail Run. Set in the mountains northeast of Phoenix, Arizona, the course rolls along a path that passes through classic Sonoran Desert environs. Saguaro cactus, cholla, prickly pear and mesquite trees surround the runners as they wind their way around the multiple loop course. Todd and Neil both battled knee issues and mid-80 degree heat all day. Neither completed the 100 mile distance, but did, however, finish the 100 kilometer run. They came away with lessons learned and hard taught memories. They will, no doubt, be back soon to try the 100-mile distance once again.

Todd Ragsdale, dressed-up for the 100-miler's Halloween motif.

Neil Olsen, running in the desert's morning light.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lithia Loop Trail Marathon Wrap-Up and Photos

Well, we have finally had a moment to catch our breath and unbury ourselves from the leftover and dirty aid station equipment here at Rogue Valley Runners. However, while that was happening, we've accumulated some photos and some links to some stories about our trail marathon last weekend.

Ten Interesting Lithia Loop Trail Marathon Facts and Tid-bits:
1) Seven of the top fifteen finishers were women!
2) 86 of 88 starters, finished! A 97.7% finisher rate!
3) We got real lucky with the weather. Rain started to fall only after the awards ceremony wrapped up.
4) 43 volunteers helped you get to the finish line. That's a volunteer for every two runners!
5) You didn't drink as much water as we had thought.
6) You liked the food at the finish and at the aid stations because we didn't have much left to deal with.
7) Most of you stayed for the awards, we thank you for your patience.
8) You came from Oregon, California, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Ohio to run our event.
9) You're all good sports and fantastic runners. We thank you for your participation.
10) Make plans now for this race next year! We'll find out in early December if we've won the USA Track and Field Trail Marathon Championship bid.

Let's direct your attention first to the Mailtribune and a story Andy Atkinson wrote about the race. Go to the story and take a look at Andy's photo gallery as well.

Here's Krissy Moehl's account of her run in the Ashland Watershed. Krissy, from Bend, finished in 3:24:54 and 15th overall.

Here's Heather Daniel's account of her day on the trails. Heather, from Portland, finished in 3:36:28.

Here's a post from the Bend specialty running shoe store FootZone. It discusses their central Oregon running heros' results at the LLTM.

Sean Meissner, the second place finisher, wrote about his experience. Find this Sisters, Oregon resident's account here.

Off they go!

Sean Gordon works the radio at West Fork.

Home Sweet Home; West Fork Aid Station awaits runners.

Ashland's Kim Larson smiles. She finished in 4:37:51.

Yamhill, Oregon's Dean Heuberger is all arms. He finished in 5:36:35.

Jacksonville's Ali Miles (3:15:41) and Bend's Katie Caba (3:09:26) match each other's stride into Windburn Ridge Aid Station.

RVR employee Darcy Kleinman, 3:53:26, discussed her issues with RVR employee and Windburn Ridge Aid Station Captain Chris Rennaker.

Ashland's Jenn Shelton (3:13:24) refills at Windburn.

Medford's Adam Seibert (3:02:04) speeds through Windburn Aid Station.

Sister's Sean Meissner (2:53:09) looks for refreshment at Windburn.

Tailgate Party! Katie Schubert and Jenny Gunter have all the fixin's at Windburn Ridge Aid Station.

White Rabbit Aid Station; The Invasion of the Brits. Dog Tipper, Rob Cain (in the hat), Erin Keller and John Price inspire racer Sarah DeMulder (6:12:14) to the finish.

A special thanks to all the volunteers that made this event possible and to Lithia Motors for all there transportation help!

Until Next Year!!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Lithia Loop Trail Marathon Preliminary Results

Full results will be posted very soon. Hang tight! Congratulations to all finishers!

The weather cooperated. Everything clicked and fun was had by all.

Top 3 Men:
1) Jeff Caba (2:47:31)
2) Sean Meissner (2:53:09)
3) Josh Brimhall (2:54:33)

Top 3 Women:
1) Susannah Beck (3:00:29) fourth overall
2) Katie Caba (3:09:26) seventh overall
3) Jenn Shelton (3:13:24) eighth overall

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The New Ultrarunning Magazine Cover and the Lithia Loop Trail Marathon Odds

After ten years of running and countless victories at distances over the marathon distance Hal Koerner (owner and manager of Rogue Valley Runners) has received, perhaps, one of the most coveted honors for an ultramarathoner. Hal has finally made the cover of Ultrarunning Magazine. This is Hal on his way to his victory during September's Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run. Congratulations Hal!!!

Switching gears now...

Let's bring a little of Las Vegas to southern Oregon shall we? After countless hours of research and information gathering, odds for this weekend's Lithia Loop Trail Marathon have been posted on World Class Ultramarathoner Karl Meltzer's web site.  Follow this link to find out who's got a chance at winning the first ever marathon in Ashland, Oregon.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lithia Loop Trail Marathon Entrants Updated

Here's an updated list of this weekend's participants. For those running this weekend, please see the previous blog posting discussing marathon day's final instructions. Good luck everyone!

Adam Cortell 36 M Talent, OR
Adam Seibert 39 M Medford, OR
Ali Miles 24 F Jacksonville, OR
Amy Nangle 38 F Talent, OR
Anne Crispino-Taylor 50 F Ashland, OR
Anne Hitchcock 30 F Auburn, CA
Ben Benjamin 61 M Ashland, OR
Beth Lori 47 F Ashland, OR
Bill Montgomery 48 M Eugene, OR
Bob Coll 47 M Eugene, OR
Brendan Holmes 29 M Klamath Falls, OR
Brian McKinley 22 M Flagstaff, AZ
Brooke Bouer 34 F Talent, OR
Bruce Mauldin 61 M Fort Jones, CA
C.B. Fralich 35 M Grants Pass, OR
C.J. Hitz 35 M Findlay, OH
Chad Harris 32 M Roseburg, OR
Chris Foster 42 M Medford, OR
Chris Rowe 39 M Newcastle, CA
Christian Fuller 33 M Dallas, OR
Clem LaCava 60 M Corvallis, OR
Courtney Mooney 32 M Philomath, OR
Courtney Pickett 40 F Ashland, OR
Dana Bandy 54 M Ashland, OR
Darcy Kleiman 31 F Talent, OR
Darrin Bolz 41 M Medford, OR
Dave Marshall 44 M Phoenix, OR
David Jordan 41 M Medford, OR
David Kamp 61 M Corvallis, OR
Dean Heuberger 57 M Yamhill, OR
Desiree Barnes 26 F Ashland, OR
Eric Dinger 34 M Medford, OR
Erin Fralich 38 M Grants Pass, OR
Frank Searfus 58 M Coos Bay, OR
Freeborn Mondello 29 M Talent, OR
Gerad Dean 31 M Bend, OR
Greg Burnett 58 M West Linn, OR
Grey Hecht 36 M Talent, OR
Heather Daniel 26 F Portland, OR
Hillary Noel 26 F Henderson, NV
J.C. Callans 41 M Eagle Point, OR
Jeff Caba 38 M Bend, OR
Jenn Shelton 24 F Ashland, OR
Jennifer Callans 35 F Eagle Point, OR
Jennifer Sallee 38 F Ashland, OR
Jinny Brown 55 F Ashland, OR
Joe Griffin 48 M Central Point, OR
Joe Mosley 54 M Eugene, OR
John Bott 50 M Eagle Point, OR
John Diehm 63 M Weed, CA
John Lotts 45 M Central Point, OR
Josh Brimhall 32 M Henderson, NV
Julie Peterson 53 F Ashland, OR
Justin Adams 34 M Portland, OR
Kaija Staley 33 F Jacksonville, OR
Katie Caba 37 F Bend, OR
Kelly Bradbury 38 F Smithfield, UT
Kelly Cronin 31 F Yosemite, CA
Kim Larson 37 F Ashland, OR
Kouba Sayre 37 F Talent, OR
Krissy Moehl 31 F Bend, OR
Krista Peterson 37 F Medford, OR
Leonard Farr 44 M Newburg, OR
Lisa Bach 42 F Ashland, OR
Lisa Dean 38 F Fort Jones, CA
Lisa Norvell 42 F Ashland, OR
Luanne Park 48 F Redding, CA
Luke Frechete 30 M Ashland, OR
Megan Heuberger 28 F Ashland, OR
Michael Scott 23 M Medford, OR
Michael Sotos 33 M Ashland, OR
Mike Richmond 50 M Ashland, OR
Molly Holzshu 35 F Ashland, OR
Nikki Dinger 32 F Medford, OR
Phil Finch 58 M Reedsport, OR
Priscilla Anderson 32 F Murphy, OR
Rene Millan 35 M Ashland, OR
Rich Blink 33 M Vacaville, CA
Richard Vander Stucken 69 M Torrance, CA
Rick Haase 63 M Shoreline, WA
Rob Reckard 37 M Grants Pass, OR
Sarah DeMulder 29 F Medford, OR
Sean Meissner M Sisters, OR
Shahid Ali 23 M Ashland, OR
Sharon Mosley 46 F Eugene, OR
Stan Potocki 52 M Ashland, OR
Stephen Hamilton 66 M Sunriver, OR
Stephen Itano 49 M Fairfield, CA
Steve Waxmonsky 34 M Ashland, OR
Steven Greuel 52 M Etna, CA
Susannah Beck 40 F Eugene, OR
Suzy Stone 38 F Talent, OR
Tamara Ellis 39 F Ashland, OR
Terri Libert 40 F Eugene, OR
Tina Ure 49 F Mt. Shasta, CA
Win Goodbody 41 M Portland, OR

Monday, November 03, 2008

Final Lithia Loop Trail Marathon Instructions

Dear Lithia Loop Entrants,

Hope your training has gone well and you're getting some much needed rest before Saturday's big test. Just checked AccuWeather and right now it looks like we'll have ideal conditions next Saturday with a high of 60, a low of 40 and partial sunshine. The experienced runner will tell you to come prepared for anything, however we will have an outstanding crew directing the marathon making sure everything goes smoothly so that all you have to worry about is getting across that finish line.

We have created a list of last minute reminders, however we want to make sure that everyone is aware of the shuttle service to the start. If, however, you do not wish to utilize the service you may be dropped off at the start at the south end of Lithia Park where Granite St. turns to gravel and intersects with Glenview Drive. We will also be happy to direct you there at registration.

1) Registration and packet pick-up starts at 6:45am at Rogue Valley Runners (161 East Main Street, Ashland, OR 97520) on race day morning (Saturday November 8th, 2008) and closes at 7:45am. Registration will also be held Friday November 7th from 10am to 7pm.
2) The Shuttle Service to the start will be available at the store at 7am-7:45am to drive entrants to the start line two uphill miles away at the top of Lithia Park. We encourage all entrants to use the shuttle service provided by Lithia Motors.
3) Please abide all parking sign regulations in Ashland. They do ticket if you extend your stay in a two or four hour spot.
4) Drop bags will be collected at the start line for warm-ups. Please no valuables in the bags and make sure they are clearly marked with your name. Drop bags will be waiting for you at Pioneer Hall, near the finish line of the race.
5) Cut Off Times will be enforced for your safety as well as the safety of our volunteers. There are two Cut-Off points in the race. At Four Corners (approximately mile 20) runners must be through by 2:30pm. At White Rabbit (approximately mile 23) runners must be through by 3:30pm. All runners who do not make the cut-offs will be brought back to the finish.
6) You MUST let race officials know if you plan to drop from the race. We need to account for all runners at the day's end. Missing runners will initiate the Emergency Response System.
7) Do not litter and do not short-cut the trails. You will be pulled from the race if you do.
8) Post race festivities, the award ceremony, catered food and beverage will be held at Pioneer Hall (73 Winburn Way) after you have finished the race. Upon crossing the finish line you will be directed there to collect your drop bags, eat, drink, socialize and warm-up.
9) Aid Stations will provide limited first aid supplies, water, a electrolyte drink (Gu2O), fruit (oranges or bananas), soft drinks (Coke, Mtn. Dew), potato chips, assorted sugar candies (like M&M's), some will have soup, some sandwiches (like PB&J or Turkey and Cheese), some, not all, will have Gu and Clif Shot. If you need something special, you should pack it yourself. We highly recommend that you carry at least one, if not two, water bottles.
10) Clearly display your bib number on your front side, so we can properly track you as you pass through aid stations.
11) We will be trying to track runners as they progress along the course at the finish line (located at the Band Shell in Lithia Park).
12) Aid Station volunteers are just that. They are here on their own time to help you. Treat them with respect and thank them as you roll through.

There will be age group awards for males and females 29 and under, 30-39, 40-49,50-59,60-69.

We look forward to seeing all your smiling faces Saturday morning.

Hal Koerner, RD
Ian Torrence, RD
(541) 201-0014

At present there are about eight remaining spots left for the marathon. They are going quickly.