Monday, October 30, 2006

Whiskeytown 50k

Carly and Hal made the trip south of the border last weekend, as did some fellow Ashlanders, Medfordians, and valley dwellers, to run around in the hills west of Redding California at the Whiskeytown 50k and 30k. Hal broke the long standing course record in the 50k(ok 2003 wasn't that long ago) by running 4:12. It was a great run, with a wide variety of trails and numerous stream crossings. All so very important when trying not to focus on the fact that one is trying to cover some 31 miles on dirt paths and roads. Carly, running her farthest distance to date brought home second place in the 30k event running 3:15. Store regular and Talent resident Joshua Hough finished strong in the 50k as well in 6:07 and ultra-running aficionado Ben Benjamin followed closely behind with a 6:32 showing. Congrats to all!

180 days in the valley

Well, we've made it this long and there is no turning back now! Store runs have moved up an hour to 5 o'clock on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we are anxiously awaiting more new faces. We have demo headlamps to run with so don't be discouraged by the fading sun.