Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Products Made to Move You!

Its that time of year again when the products that I ordered way back in the Spring of 2011 have now made their way to the showroom.  I almost forget how amazing the product is considering we have to look at it here everyday of the season. Now I understand most of you don't get the opportunity to make it in here as often, and why would you, you've all headed back to the trails, road, gym, XF, etc....to get back in gear for the spring season so here's a few ideas to get you, well, back in gear.   

Suunto M1 heart rate monitor.  $100 w/ comfort band and easy to read.
New Nike Zoom Elite, lite tempo trainer with plenty of cushion for the long run.
What most of us have been waiting for, the 20 hour all - in - one Garmin GPS, $450.
Are you kidding, wrist top GPS from Soleus for only $100! 
IceBreaker tops because, it's freaking cold outside people.
New NB 890. Super light, traditional drop, minimal seems, great racer/trainer. Think Pear Blossom.

We've also had our spring shipments of the new Brooks Adrenaline and Asic's 2170 shoes.   There's plenty in store to keep you running through the winter months here in Southern Oregon because in all actuality it isn't that bad. 

Now, who would be up for a ladies discount day this Sunday in lieu of watching the Super Bowl with the boys?  

Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 S.O.F.A Manana

 Tomorrow, Saturday the 21st trail runners will rejoice on the lower Rogue River Trail south of Graves Creek for the annual Southern Oregon Fat A$$.  Now it is customary that this event be detailed as a 50k trail run but the beauty of the RRT is that anyone can run the out and back as far as their heart or rather feet and legs desire.  

From the FB event page;

The plan is to leave Graves creek about 9AM on Saturday, January 21st and run out-n-
back for a total of about 50k. Remember, out-n-back means you can cut
it short or make it long. Invite anyone you think might want to join us. I hope to see you there!

This is a self-supported run so carry what you’ll need. We cross countless streams, but partake at your own risk. Do I need to mention rain and poison oak?

The SOFA started out as a way to celebrate birthdays, but anymore, it’s a way to spend time on a beautiful trail with great people.

From the north, take the Wolf Creek exit #76 to the Graves Creek
trailhead. I think it's about 9 more miles.

From the South, take the Merlin exit #61 and do the same. You'll go
about 20 more miles to the trailhead.

Can't wait to see all of you out there, rain or shine!  

Here's our post from '10.   

Monday, January 09, 2012

Southern Oregon Screening of Unbreakable

I know many of you have been asking just when will Southern Oregonians get a chance to watch the newly released "Unbreakable, The Western States 100" on the big screen amongst your fellow trail ultra running cohorts.   Ask no more, because the date is set.    

AWTA will be hosting the event on February 10. Two showings, 6pm and 8pm in the Meese Auditorium at SOU. $10 gets you the movie and an SOB Draft Beer courtesy of Tom Hammond, our friend at SOB

You'll need to show some ID for the beer if nature has been good to you. Tickets to the movie will be available to purchase at Rogue Valley Runners starting Wednesday. We'd suggest you purchase early since seating is limited.

There will be a Q & A after each showing with one of the featured runners, where you can ask him, among many other things, why he is wearing what he is wearing in the picture above.    

Don't forget, This is a fundraiser for the Ashland Watershed Trails Plan and it'll be a really good time.  And I mean even if you've seen it once another viewing reminds you of the good ideas you forgot, to notice those ideas you somehow missed the first time, gives you another perspective, and ultimately helps you to APPLY those ideas.    

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Pine to Palm Registration Now Open

Registration for the 2012 Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run is officially open.  We only have 300 spots, so you'd better start thinking about it now!

For those of you that missed the announcement that the race will serve as the only 100 miler in the Oregon Trail Series please check it out below.

Pine To Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run has been added to the 2012 OTS schedule.  With the earlier announcement of the addition of Flagline 50K, there are nine races in the series for 2012.  In its third year, Hal Koerner’s Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run (P2P) is Oregon’s only 100 miler.

P2P is a remote and rugged classic point to point course traversing the Siskiyou Mountain Range in Southern Oregon. Starting in Williams, OR, the course winds its way east to Ashland, OR on a mixture of single track trail, dirt road, with less than four miles of pavement. The course boasts over 20,000 ft of climb and 20,000 ft of loss with three epic climbs to 7,000 ft and fantastic views of Mt Shasta and Mt McLaughlin.  A point to point 100 miler is a tall order to organize and execute, and the OTS RD’s along with the Rogue Valley community, are fully behind Hal and his race.  We hope you are too. Changes to the course are likely but more single track needs to be built in order for this to happen.  If all goes according to the master plan, many of the gravel road sections will be replaced by single track on the PCT in time for the 2012 race.  Stay tuned for details.  Registration opens on Jan 1 at UltraSignup.

Additionally, we will be moving forward with our initiative to include 20 plus additional miles of single-track to this years event.  We will be offering training/trail work weekends during the month of August as well.  Please check bag on this blog for more updates on all the offering.  

Happy New Year everyone!