Monday, April 16, 2012

Group Run/NB Test Night


We're going to put on a little twist for this Wednesday nights group run.  Starting at 5 pm our new, New Balance rep will be fitting y'all for the new 110, Minimus Zero (Road), 860v2 and 890v2 as part of her demo fleet for you to try out on the group run.

As many of you know, we have carried these models for some time now and they will be available for purchase after the run.  Good news is you'll get your new shoes 20% off,  this one night only, and just for trying the shoes out and giving Susie a little feedback you'll get a high viz tech tee for free!   Oh, and 5 to 7 miles around town for free too, you can't beat it.

I'll try to get the namesake of shoe pictured above to grace us with his presence on the run but on the off chance I can't get, here's a little review by the man himself.