Sunday, April 01, 2012

After tireless meetings, permits, wildlife assessments and planning, RVR is excited to announce phase two of our expansion:  Rogue Valley Zippers!

In conjunction with Top ‘O Da World Tree Resort based out of Cave Junction, we will begin construction on a zipline at the Looking Glass viewpoint intersecting Ashland's historic White Rabbit Trail.  The zipline will start at this beautiful vista and "zippers" will travel 1.5 contiguous miles as the crow flies culminating on the rooftop of Rogue Valley Runners! 

Start of the zipline adventure

The zipline is the brainchild of my father, Hal Koerner Jr., who threw his back out while running on Caterpillar Trail four years ago.  In agony, he had to crawl down to the Alice in Wonderland Trail, where he serendipitously met up with local chiropractor, Kelly Lange, who adjusted his spine on the trail enabling him to make it down to safety. Since this harrowing incident it has been my father’s mission to give injured, tired or just plain adventurous runners a way to quickly descend from the watershed.

Zippers can buy zipline insurance for an annual fee of $635.  This cost will provide you with a key (programmed with North Face computer chip technology) to the zipline which you can unlock and ride without limit for a calendar year.

Please join us for the Ground Breaking Ceremony at 10a.m. tomorrow morning at the Looking Glass intersection, located ¾ of the way up the White Rabbit Trail.  Celebrity guest Aron Ralston (author of Between a Rock and Hard Place) will preside over the ceremonies and local band Eight Euros Mountain will host a free concert on the rooftop of Rogue Valley Runners immediately to follow.


Run Momma Run said...

April Fools, you crazies!!!

Emily said...


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Thanks and have a great day!

Unknown said...

Any chance of working the zipline into the PTP course?
Pretty fast closing 1.5 miles if you can swing it!!

Chelsey said...

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