Monday, May 24, 2010

Pompadour 9k/5k "Run for Sheldon"

Thank you to all that came out on short notice to support a great kid and a great cause.

Andy Atkinson has some great images from the race over on his website

For those that missed the Channel 10 coverage....

Pompadour 9k/5k "Run for Sheldon"
North Mountain Park, Ashland OR
5/22/10 9am  

9k results

1 Erik Skaggs 29:38
2 Tim Julian 29:44
3 John Leuthold 33:13
4 Jeremy Eisen 33:38
5 Bryon Devore 33:43
6 Jenn " Born to Run", " I want the miles marked!" Shelton 33:56
7 Eric Poole 34:55
8 Aaron Brian 35:07
9 Joe Griffin 35:08
10 Tim Turk 35:11
11 John Thering 35:14
12 Chad Wikander 35:29
13 Melissa Schweisguth 35:42
14 Ixel Sanchez 36:44
15 Piers Rasmussen 37:28
16 Matt Oliva 38:52
17 Darrin Bloz 39:21
18 Janelle Ralph 39:32
19 Michael Sotos 40:10
20 Bree Nelson 40:11
21 Ben Ralph 41:10
22 Pamela Downs 41:35
23 Nate Hyde 43:25
24 Molly Gramley 45:39
25 Doug Smith 45:41
26 Jayme Hartwell 46:23
27 Breanne Eagles 46:37
28 Brooke Parks 47:16
29 Angelina Roseberg Mendenhall 47:29
30 Kate Hurster 48:47
31 David Rasmussen 49:18
32 Rachell Beveridge 51:10
33 Cookie Sims 51:43
34 Tom Prescott 51:43
35 George Wood 51:59
36 Michael Meenahgan 54:17
37 Joni Farrington 55:00
38 Steven Farrrington 55:00
39 Linda Murphy 56:11
40 Kara Stemple 57:42
41 Scott Stemple 57:43
42 Nasra Ali 59:48
43 Lacey McDonald 1:03:01
44 Jan Summons 1:05:31

5k results

1 Daniel Hough 18:19
2 Troy Crowell 18:35
3 Mercy Ray 20:15
4 Ken Loftus 22:17
5 Philip Todak 22:44
6 Chuck Whitely 23:19
7 Greyson Hecht 28:28
8 David Hollensbe 30:55
9 Kristal Foster 31:52
10 Bill Lee 32:09
11 Sarah Burns 33:30
12 Alethea Kincheloe 32:40
13 Eric Kincheloe 32:40
14 Melinda Williamson 40:03
15 Caryn Lynn Gehlmann 40:07
16 Cy Pisors 44:05
17 Dani Pisors 44:09
18 Chad Pisors 44:11
19 Sydney Pisors 44:13
20 Joyce Squire 55:52
21 Erin Dickey 55:52

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Return of the Mac (50k)

We're a little behind here at RVR but I imagine those runners that braved the 15th Annual McDonald Forest 50k still remember it quite clearly.  Conditions were spectacular as some 230 runners contended against a deceivingly hilly course with all types of terrain to navigate.  Luckily the mud wasn't all that bad and everyone found a way to move their fastest. Keeping with tradition, Neil Olsen speedily left the rest of the field and cruised to the win.  No, Neil hasn't won at the Mac before, but he did extend the streak of a previous champion never repeating.  Nice work! 

We had a number of Rogue residents that competed as well and proved victorious in their own right.

7    Adam    Seibert    Medford    OR    40    3    M40-49    4:38:15
62 Jamie    Arvizo    Ashland    OR    31    6    F30-39    5:45:06
70 Richard    May    Ashland    OR    43    19    M40-49    5:52:24  
82    Shahid    Ali    Ashland    OR    24    7    M20-29    6:04:13
116    Ben    Benjamin    Ashland    OR    63    3    M60-69    6:32:14
130    Beth    Brinkley    Jacksonville    OR    46    14    F40-49    6:40:07
209    John    Lotts    Central Point    OR    47    47    M40-49    8:53:18

Neil atop Dimple Hill, making his move!

Here's a short recap of Neil's day;   

"It was a great day.  I actually paid attention (briefly and early on in the race) to birds singing in the trees, wildflowers, great views, and beautiful forest.  I shed my long-sleeve shirt after the first 30
min.  There was some mud in the maze, but not much.    I wore those
very light orange fastwich, which gave me adequate traction which was great, but they were a little thin as I felt the gravel through them later on.  Maybe next year we'll get lucky and have more bone chilling drizzle and slop like a few years ago.

A bunch went out fast.  I think I was in 13th at the top of the first climb.  On part of the descent towards Soap Creek my GPS watch showed under 5:20 pace at one point, but Brian Morrison was still pulling away!

Into the maze and on extendo there is plenty of company from the early starters.  For the next 10 miles I picked off people as I could, while trying to save a little in the tank.  Towards the end of the maze I caught Michael Lynes, who admitted he would have felt fresher if he hadn't just won the Tacoma Marathon the week before.  I pulled up even with David Larsen on the long uphill to Dimple Hill and we passed the leader (who was brave but clearly a nubie, as he was running without a water bottle).  At the Dimple hill aid station I changed into the green RVR singlet, to look fresh (and harder to spot in the woods).
David must have blazed through that aid station, as I had to bomber down the hill to catch and pass him.  I got a minute or so on him by Chip Ross, but started having muscle cramps - first just when jumping a stream, later in spurts with every step.

So I was pretty nervous heading up the horse trail.  That is where Poole and I think Rennaker passed me last year.  I was able to keep it under red-line, and finally hit the gravel road at the top.  I came upon a cyclist, who jokingly said "go runner!"  I didn't realize until was right up to him that it was my brother!  He had ridden up from his home a few miles away to cheer me on.

That last long uphill doesn't look bad on paper, but it drags on forever.   The down-hill was a relief in that it is a different kind of pain.  Then it was just a matter of holding on until I heard the sound of my daughters then the finish line.

It was my 6th start and 1st win.  I have loved Chip Ross and dimple hill since running them from my back door in high school 25+ years ago.

It was the first time in several attempts that my parents timed it right to be at the finish line at the same time as I was.

Fortunate for me, no Koerners, etc showed up- it was the slowest winning time in a few years, and 8 min slower than my fastest, but 16 min faster than I did last year."

What we've come to expect from Ben.

Jamie far removed from the Boston Marathon. 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Miwok Musings

I have to start out by saying that the above picture symbolizes all that is the Miwok 100k for me.  It's the early morning hours when the muscles are vibrant and mind is still intact that help to sear such experiences into memory. Now, this is a little misleading because for the 5 previous Miwoks that I have participated in, this was our view for the first 4 miles. This year, due to a road closure in the park, runners were forced to run circles around the beach, hostel, and access roads before finally venturing onto a much more worthy trail.  However, when people ask me where I am racing when I head down to SF, here's the vantage.  Unbeatable!

Once again, a very stout collection of Rogue Valley Runners penned this event into their calendars back in December when it came time to enter the lottery.  Some 400 slots were available, but they became closed and coveted in only a few hours. Carly, Jenn, Chris, Eric, and Darrin joined me, for this, the 15th anniversary of runners tacking 62 miles from Rodeo Beach to Olema and back.   
Stinson Beach from high atop the Miwok Trail.

It was earlier in the week, on our Wednesday night group run, when I got to hear Jenn exclaim, "Hal, my heart is with you but my head is going with Tony."  I would never let her know how redundant the thought was leading up to the race, but I will say it did provide a little extra incentive for me during my 8 hours on the trail.
Miwok has always been a great barometer for my training going into WS and in previous years I have entered the race on the heels of some of the toughest ultras in the country and many times with no rest.  This year I was able to run with fresh legs and a ton of experience, usually a recipe for success.  However, with a nagging ankle injury from the Lake Sonoma 50 miler I was a little worried that it would fatigue and not let me finish the race.  Looking back, letting off the gas from the feverish pace early may have helped me to charge to one of the fastest times on this legendary course.  Probably no chance of seeing that at Western States this year though.      

Scott and Jen get me out of Bolinas Ridge, only a two tire stop, however once Jen asked me if I needed anything else Scott was short to answer, "no, GO GO GO."  I'm still thinking about those pacing duties at WS. 

The morning hours of the race were consumed with many pleasantry's and a few pompous acts of bravery.  I truly enjoy running in with a loaded field, it adds another variable to the terrain, training, and mental taxation. It also separates the local and regional races from the elite ones and eventually puts everyone on edge.  I made an early pit stop and that gave me some time to move through the pack of runners and assess how everyone was doing and what they had in store for the day.  Many runners had splits for the low 8's and I was amazed considering this race used to be won by running under 9 hours.  Never-the-less, we continued to push early and roll over the hillsides in search of pink ribbons and blue skies.  I eased back on a merciless dual between Tony and Michal Wardian shortly after Muir Beach to allow for some time to catch my breath and find my own stride but I was quickly enveloped by Gary Robbins and Zach Gingerich both of which were running mere seconds per mile slower, nice job.  I exclaimed to both of them that the real fun would begin on the climb to Pantoll (1,400ft in two miles) and I was happy to give it a go and gain some separation then.  The climb seemed too easy and after finding myself all alone at the aid station I decided to roll and recover on the "flat" stretch to Bolinas and take in the views.       

Eric Dinger heads out of Pan Toll at mile 21, some amazing scenery awaits.  

Jenn and Renn into the land of the Teletubbies

The out and back section of trail/fire road from Bolinas Ridge to Randall is where champions are made, both figuratively and literally.  I have done it all on this 12 mile gauntlet; rolled an ankle, run alone, run with the lead pack, dropped out, and have even been called Dean (that's the ultramarathon man for those of you that don't know.)  I was proven wrong once again as the miles unfurled.  I found my momentum at the turnaround and  
after an amazing climb had run within minutes of 2nd place when it happened,  my headphones went silent.  Now, long story short, I had fallen into a river crossing at LS 50 and fried my ipod just last month, purchased 2 new ones in the meantime but had failed to question the reliability of my headphones that had been along for the ride.  So here we were, closing in and still 30 miles from the finish with every other runner coming at down the same trail, ugghh (for lack of a better word.) After wrangling with them for what seemed an eternity I was left to run, not in stereo as I am so accustomed but in mono sound with one headphone screeching with every stride.  It dealt me a blow, but as soon as I saw others trudging on and with a quick kiss with my little lady who was flying along I resumed my stride and moved into second place.  

Of course there was the hope that I might find another gear and catch Tony, or that he would succumb to the heat and keep me company through the excruciating final miles but that was only wishful thinking.  In reality it was the guys right behind me, Rod and Mike and Nathan and whomever hadn't finished the Miwok 50.  I really wanted a fast time and was happy to be running so well with no such expectations.  In the end, an 8:20 and the fourth fastest time ever proved monumental. I was happy to get the chance to watch everyone arrive; Jenn and Chris, 10:15, Eric, 10:55, Darrin, 11:37, and Carly, 12:01.  Such an effort- all around. I do hope that next month Jenn's heart catches up with her head and we have one heck of a time racing down in California cause I'm certainly done until then.     

Ahhh, which way to the libations? 

I was stoked to see that Tony hadn't showered and changed clothing.  

Krissy makes sure Carly can still stand, different than running and easy for the legs to forget after 12 hours. 

Darrin, Carly, Jenn and Chris all smiles. 

The joys of participating in a prominent ultra, a reunion of sorts and thanks for waking up and joining us Chris.

I would be remiss if I didn't give a little shout out to some of my listening pleasure on the trails. A tribute to the Riding the Wind blog and it's author ( as he loves to showcase quality music and always beats me to the punch.) A little reminder that I will be back in stereo for WS.