Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pole Postition

Over the years our End of the Year/Holiday Party has taken us some amazing places. It has also involved a number of equally unique individuals, all of whom have made RVR a special place we like to call, "work." 

Looking back, we've hit the bowling alley only to realize that most of us can't even bowl our own weight.  With the addition of Timothy Olson,  a Wisconsin native, our team score has improved substantially as he informed us bowling was a school sport back home. 

We then ran circles at the indoor go -kart track a couple years back only to watch as our stable business carried on where, I guess, indoor go karts in a motor-centric town like Medford couldn't.   What I'm trying to say is they went out of business.   If squint your eyes it almost looks like any 5k in the valley.   

Last year we hosted our own dodge ball party and shrunk the court about two hundred percent adding injury to insult.  Yeah that's right, injury to insult.  I will say however the dodge balls we picked up were top notch, and made out of real rhino skin, so you know they're good. 

2011 seemed to have us stymied until we decided to call on an inner passion that had lain dormant all these years. It was right under our nose all along and fit in with the bosses open door policy.  Something he so sorely needs to work on for 2012.

In pictures, here is a taste of what you're allowed to see.

Complete with bibs and technical socks!

There's a reason the ladies don't wear jeans.

Wicked dance moves.

Yes, Leland did arrive with those shorts!

Graceful Jeff

Not the first time we've looked this worn out.

Big thanks to the gals at The Pole Dance Fitness.   Happy Holidays Y'all!

Monday, December 12, 2011

RVR inagural USATF XC Club Championships

This past weekend, Rogue Valley Runners fielded it's first open women's team for the 2011 USATF Club XC Championships.

The USATF National Club Cross Country Championships featured top clubs from across the United States, More than 100 clubs and 1,100 competitors vied for honor and bragging rights at Jefferson Park Golf Course in the Emerald City, Seattle. 

Mercy and Bree Ray, Tara Crempley, Maggie Donovan, Victoria Mayfield and Jenn Shelton ran the 6km grass course finishing just outside the leaders but closer to the port o potties.  In all seriousness, the team traveled some 500 miles to compete in one of the most competitive open fields in the country and represented the valley proper.  

Mercy hangs tough with a, perennial favorite, Club Northwest runner

Tara Crempley placed second for the team with a fast 23:08

A few gentlemen also represented Southern Oregon, Bob Julian Jr and Matt Thomas ran for prestigious, Bowerman Athletic Club in the Master's Men category and in Matt's words,

"My club, Bowerman Athletic Club, ran A and B teams. Our A team finished fourth, missing 3rd by 1 point. Had they tied for 3rd they would have won the tie breaker. In fact if you scored six deep or seven deep or eight deep BAC would have finished 2nd place. Our B team, for which I ran in the fourth position, finished 10th overall out of 21 teams which shows the depth of the BAC mend 40+ team."

Matt charges to a 36:43 on the 10k course!

The Coach in action.

Full results can be found here.