Saturday, January 01, 2011

A Little Varnish for 2010

And so it was.....

We'll be back on the Rogue Jan. 22nd this year

We headed south in early 2010, ditto for 2011.

Up north in Bellingham and always stunting.


Neil Olsen on his way to Jacksonville with a pear of followers.

Never seen a pic like this from Western, 7 miles of road?

The one and only John P.

Getting it done, sub 24.

Another S.O.B. record!

These packs traveled the PCT in record time. 

Almost 80 and still gets the gals.

A man from Southern Oregon set the 24 hour barefoot record!

CDR, biggest ultra in North America.

Always a ham!

A bunch of bachelors! 

I believe this is why there was no time left for dancing. 

Found the worlds smallest North Face Store in Peru.

Not many of these were given out in 2010.

Captured; Skaggs with a water bottle on the Lithia Loop course.

It's hard managing these employees.


Rennaker said...

What a year! Thanks for making it great RVR folks.

Deanna Stoppler said...

you guys rock! i got to visit the store in september while visiting my sister in medford. next time i'll make sure to get a run in with all of you!