Monday, October 19, 2009

Final 100's of the Season

Well, it looks as if the 100-mile season has finally come to an end for the ultrarunners of the Rogue Valley. Ben Benjamin and Annie Crispino-Taylor wrapped up the year in style at the Arkansas Traveler 100 Mile and Hundred in the Hood respectively.

Scenery along the course at Hundred in the Hood.

After missing the final cut-off at last year's Angeles Crest 100 Mile Run in southern California, Annie Crispino-Taylor was looking for redemption. She got that and more at this year's Hundred in the Hood, an ultra that sweeps across the Pacific Crest Trail near Mt. Hood in our home state of Oregon. Annie powered through and finished in 28 hours, four minutes and 57 seconds. She had the help of several, including her friend Darcy Kleiman. In her own words, this is what Annie had to say about her adventure:

"The first 55 miles went just as planned. I was staying within my projected times, not staying too long at aid stations; all was going well. I picked up my pacer, Darcy, and we headed to the turnaround at mile 65. This part of the course provided some beautiful views of Mt. Jefferson, and we experienced an awesome sunset. However, when the sun went down it got cold, and I left my warm clothes at the previous aid station figuring I wouldn't need them until the way back -- BIG mistake. Although still on pace, when we got to the turnaround something didn't feel right. I sat down and immediately started shivering, violently. I soon found myself sandwiched on a cot between Darcy and Liz Kellog. After about 20 minutes I was feeling better, but stayed bundled up in blankets in front of a space heater for about another 30 minutes. I ate and drank everything warm that was available. Soon, Darcy and I decided we'd be better off moving than sticking around any longer at this COLD aid station. We got back to where my clothes were where we both bundled up as best we could for a long, cold night."

"We did a lot of walk-running through the night, but when the sun came up and we passed the last aid station, I felt a sudden burst of energy and started running for the barn. I wasn't sure what time I would get in, but I knew I didn't want a 29 hour finish! I've had issues at both my 100's now -- although they've been different issues -- and I've learned a lot. Although my second 100 was better than my first, hopefully I'll take what I've learned and do even better at my next 100."

Annie takes aid along the course.

All smiles and satisfied with a huge accomplishment.
Congratulations Annie!

In the southeastern Ouachita National Forest, Ben Benjamin focused his efforts on the Arkansas Traveler 100 Mile. Like he does in all his races, he clicked off the miles like a metronome and finished in 25 hours, 37 minutes and 19 seconds. Trivia question: How many 100 mile races has Ben Benjamin finished now? Below are some photos of his adventures:

Ben Benjamin gets ready for his 100 in Arkansas.

The morning and afternoon hours brought touchdowns and sunshine...

...while the night hours brought rain and Ben was ready for it with umbrella in hand.

Ben finishes the Arkansas Traveler. Nice work Ben Ben!


DK said...

Ben and Annie great job, we are so proud of you! Annie it was an honor pacing you. Thank you for the opportunity! Big hugs to you both.

John P said...

Ben looks like Mary Poppins! I think we may have another ultra first.