Thursday, December 18, 2008

What RVR accomplished in 2008...

Let's start with the top 2008 accomplishments for each of Rogue Valley Runners' employees:

Ixel Sanchez, 22
3/1/08 3000 meters @ the Artie Sullivan Invite, Southern Oregon University, 1st overall in 10:56.7
3/16/08 Shamrock'n Half Marathon, Sacramento, CA, 1:29:10.3, that time qualified her for the NAIA Championships
9/28/08 XTERRA National Trail Running Championships, 21K, Bend, OR, 1:33:31, 1st in 20-24 age division

Chris Rennaker, 32
1/19/08 Southern Oregon Fat Ass (SOFA) 50K, Galice, OR, 4:56, 1st Ultra finish
9/6/08 McKenzie River 50K, McKenzie Bridge, OR, 4:08:50, 11th, 50K personal record
10/11/08 Dick Collins Fire Trails 50 Mile, Oakland, CA, 7:39:33, 6th overall, 1st 50 miler

Darcy Kleiman, 31
Take It Outside Fitness Instructor
7/12/08 Siskiyou Outback 50K, Ashland, OR, 6:02:12, her 2nd Ultra finish
11/8/08 Lithia Loop Trail Marathon, Ashland, OR, 3:53:26, marathon personal record

Kyle Skaggs, 23
5/17/08 Jemez Mountain 50 Mile Trail Race, Los Alamos, NM, 8:08:15, 1st overall
7/11/08 Hardrock 100 Mile Endurance Run, Silverton, CO, 23:23:30, 1st, course record. See the infamous finish here.
12/6/08 The North Face Challenge 50 Mile Run, San Francisco, CA, 7:02:39, 4th overall

Erik Skaggs, 26
8/7/08 Ashland Hill Climb, Ashland, OR, 1:53:01, 1st overall
7/12/08 Siskiyou Outback 50K, Ashland, OR, 2nd
11/ /08 Quad Dipsea 27 Mile Trail Race, San Francisco, CA, 3:52:16, 1st, course record. See Erik dance on the Dipsea stairs here.

Ian Torrence, 36
7/18/08 Tahoe Rim Trail 100 Mile Endurance Run, Spooner Lake, NV, 21:53:10, 4th overall
9/6/08 McKenzie River 50K, McKenzie Bridge, OR, 3:44:48, 2nd overall
11/18/08 JFK 50 Mile Run, Boonsboro, MD, 6:34:57, 8th overall

Hal Koerner, 32
1/13/08 Redding Marathon, Redding, CA, 2:35:51, 1st overall, course record
9/13/08 Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run, Wrightwood, CA, 18:29:26, 1st overall
10/11/08 Dick Collins Fire Trails 50 Mile Run, Oakland, CA, 6:43:42, 1st overall

RVR also worked together as a Team at times. Team Rogue Valley Runners had several successful apperances in 2008.

8/27/08-9/3/08 Gortex Transrockies Run, a six stage race across Colorado, Max King and Erik Skaggs put together a victory as Team Nike/Rogue Valley Runners.

9/21/08 Northwest Mountain Running Championships, a steep, six-mile course on the slopes of Mt. Hood, OR, Team RVR won the team scored event. (Kyle and Erik Skaggs, Max King, Joe Gray, Ian Torrence)

11/15/08 Rogue Valley Relay Challenge, a 100 kilometer relay race across southern Oregon, Team RVR won in 5:42:51 and set a new course record. (Erik and Kyle Skaggs, Trevor Palmer, John Leuthold, Hal Koerner)

And, yes, even we went head to head, mano y mano, and more accurately, brother against brother...check that out here.

We hope your 2008 was as fruitful as ours. Here's looking forward to 2009! Happy Holidays everyone!


Rennaker said...

Freagin badasses! Everyone.

DK said...

Ian SOB this year was my second ultra, com on man, I'm not that far behind you boys! Ha, yeah right. Thanks for the post, makes us feel all worthy. Nice job everyone!

Rennaker said...

I guess Joe Gray didn't make it in the picture....?

Unknown said...

Great job RVR! You guys are an inspiration and I've really enjoyed stopping by the Blog regularly. I think I identify with you guys most because I grew up in southern OR (Myrtle Creek). Looking forward to crossing paths with many of you in 2009.

Unknown said...
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Paul Charteris said...

Good lord, this has got to be the fittest running store in America. You need to challenge Seattle Running Co. and Auburn Running Co. etc. to a trail smackdown.

Cheers, Paul

Stemple said...

Great runners...better people! Thanks Hal, Ian and gang for all of your support of the Ruch School running program.

Happy Holidays!


Rainshadow Running said...

congrats to all the runners at rouge valley on a great year!!!

just info for 2009 for ya'll...

chuckanut is filling fast over 110 runners have signed up since last nite.

and the lodging at orcas is almost full (less than 10 beds left) and we're down to just about 70 spots left for runners.

and i've got a new 50k (april 11) in the sunny and beautiful methow valley and hopefully will get approval from the fs for 4 more races (a road marathon, a 60k, a 50m and a 100k on the pct in the north cascades). stay tuned and get more info at:


HeidiHo said...

You people seriously rock!
Very Impressive Everyone..