Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Rogue Valley Runners 2009 Race Schedule: Tar N' Trail, Pompadour Half Marathon, and the Lithia Loop Trail Marathon

Here are they are! Three great races in 2009 brought to you by Rogue Valley Runners.

The first race of 2009 is the Second Annual Tar N' Trail 6 Mile Run. Race day is March 14th at 9am near The Plaza in downtown Ashland, Oregon (same place as last year). The course is the same as well.

Entries for the TNT can be picked up at RVR or printed from the image below and mailed to Rogue Valley Runners.

The second race of 2009 is the Pompadour Half Marathon. Don't let your Pear Blossom training go to waste!

Recover from Pear and a month later (May 30th at North Mountain Park) try your skills along the roads on Ashland's east side. We'll have entries available as soon as we get our final approval letters. Here's a preview of the course.

The third race of 2009 will be the setting for the 2009 and 2010 USA Track and Field National Trail Marathon Championships.

The Second Annual Lithia Loop Trail Marathon will take place on November 7th. Interested runners can register now at Active.com.
The course will stay the same, except for some added single track in the second half of the race (just before the White Rabbit Aid Station) in order to get you a better taste of the dirt.

We hope to see you there!


Rennaker said...

It's going to be a spectacular season of races in the Rogue Valley's premiere gypsy destination...Ashland!

Come one come all!

Rogue Valley Runners said...

You know Chris, if that is your given name, we do have the power to moderate these comments for genuine content. As the Rogue Valley Gypsy Association president I will have it known that we just achieved global status as the destination travel spot for 2009 AND 2010. Gamesh!

K Skaggs said...
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K Skaggs said...


I see how it is Mr. Rogue Valley Runners...

You think that you can delete my above comment and keep yourself shrouded under a carnival mask of anonymity.

Well, my Gypsy caravan has landed and our circus acts have just begun!

The Pompous Pompadour

Craig Thornley said...

Internal strife at RVR ... The time is just about right for my post ... I just might have to move up the publish date.

Rennaker said...

Just a reminder to the vagabonds, the Hot Springs outside of town have "clothing optional" pools.

As does RVR on Saturdays...

Rennaker said...

That Pompadour logo is sweet! Good work Varner!