Thursday, February 19, 2009

Couples Truffle Shuffle 5K

Spend your Valentine's Day with a loved one or good friend! This past weekend a huge group did just that on the rural roads between Phoenix, OR and Jacksonville, OR. Here are some glimpses of the morning's relay event (each person does a 5K).

Todd and Holly Ragsdale

Camden and Lela Stemple

Mike Sotos

Sarah Wilson and Joseph Vaile

Justin Loftus and Jon Obesoso

John Leuthold

John and Molly Leuthold

JJ Moses

Jenn Shelton and Brian McGuire exchange just behind Zach Elliott and Kayleigh Tyerman.

Full results can be found on the Southern Oregon Runners website. More photos by Andy Atkinson can be found here at the Mailtribune.


Rennaker said...

Macdog and Jenn make a sweet couple. Kind of like a reverse Harold and Maude...Good job Mcguire!

C.J. Hitz said...

Chris, I see you're signed up for Way Too Cool as well. See you in a few weeks.


C.J. Hitz said...
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Rennaker said...

@ cj,
I was signed some kind of micro tears in my achilles on a friendly training run last month and I haven't been able to run since. I gave my entry to Joe Griffin.

See you at the next race!
Have fun at Cool!

C.J. Hitz said...

That's a bummer to hear Chris,

Hope you heal up soon. I'm sure the time off is having other benefits your body needs as well. I was also looking on the Cascade Crest 100 site and saw your that your first 100? I'm considering doing the Burning River 100 here in OH in August as my first one.

Get well my friend,


Darcy said...

CJ I'll be at Cool. It will be good to see you there. Hope your training is going well.


C.J. Hitz said...

Sounds great Darcy, looking forward to seeing you there as well. Should be a great time!