Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Beach of Clams

Although we had heard stories of dreary weather descending upon runners in 2008, a large band of Rogue Valley Runners traveled west to the Northern California Coast to test their luck at the Trinidad to Clam Beach Run. The race began in the 60s in Humboldt County, CA as a 8.75 mile winter training race for track and field athletes attending Humboldt State University and continues today alluring over a thousand participants between the 3 races (3 mile, 5 3/4 mile, 8 3/4 mile).

At high noon, runners began scampering along the windy, undulating paved roads on their way to Clam Beach. At mile 3 the race enters the smallest incorporated city in California, Trinidad, and begets beautiful views of the misty and rugged coastline. From there, the course weaves down to the beach where race volunteers help runners cross the Little River. At last, after 2 brutal miles of sand and beach, runners find their way to a festive finish.

In the 5 and 3/4 mile Todd Ragsdale and Joe Griffin finished one two with respective times of 34:22 and 34:27. They were hagled mercilessly at the finish for not competing in the 8 and 3/4 mile race, but Todd laughed all the way home with his $25 earnings for the victory.

The bulk of the Rogue Valley residents were entered in the 8 and 3/4 miler with students representing both Crater and Ashland High. It was a fierce battle all day and when the fog cleared Bob Julian had claimed top RVR resident with a 5th place finish and a time of 49:18. Hal Koerner finished one place back in 49:58 and Ryland Karlovich from AHS follow in the top ten with a 50:04 showing. RVR teammate John Leuthold worked hard for his 11th place finish in 51:36 and placed 2nd in the Masters division behind the aforementioned Bob Julian. On the ladies side, another AHS runner, Seena Frantz finished with a solid 4th place 59:53 and Carly Varner bolted across the beach to finish in 1:09:45.

Hal tries to real in Bob.

The Crater girls ford the not so mighty Little River.

We thought we'd better preserve the wonderful weather.

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Rennaker said...

Hal, How could you let the Crater girls out dress you? Good work everyone! John, you better get in better shape to destroy Koerner in April.