Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lithia Loop Trail Marathon Announcement

Well folks, it's "a go!" With word from the US Forest Service and the City of Ashland, Rogue Valley Runners finds itself with another great course for the masses. Set for November 8th, 2008...A very challenging 26.2 mile (trail and fireroad) loop through the Ashland watershed. The course travels uphill on our infamous 2060 road from downtown Ashland to Horn Gap where it'll crest and roll on to Four Corners and back downhill to Ashland on the Caterpillar, Alice in Wonderland and BTI Trails. We'll be limited to the first 100 entrants. Stay tuned for more information and race applications. Meanwhile, here's a course map to whet your appetite:


Speedgoat Karl said...

Perhaps a trip to Ashland for a slow marathon after the AT. Sounds good!

Rennaker said...

I'm not sure which will be harder, running the race or standing at an aid station on 2060 for the whole November.

Rogue Valley Runners said...

FYI, as a "training run", here are the splits taken by a runner, who shall remain nameless, who completed the LLTM course today (6/17/08).

Start @ Pioneer Hall
Aid Station #1 (Lower Horn Gap) - 0:38
AS #2 (Upper Horn Gap) - 1:03
AS #3 (Winburn Ridge) - 1:46
AS #4 (Four Corners) - 2:11
AS #5 (White Rabbit) - N/A
Finish (Pioneer Hall) - 2:45

Alison Hanks said...

SWEEET! I love that loop. I might have to come down...

Rennaker said...

I see the Marathon is on the UltraRunning Calendar. It's out there now...26.3.

WG said...

Hi Guys,

Would you mind letting me know when registration for this open? Thanks!

Sounds tough.