Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Taking That Leap

Well we have some bad news and we have some good news.

I just hate saying that, but I couldn't find any better words to describe the departure of one of our longest standing employees. Darcy, whom many of you know, moved up here from the bay area in 2006 is moving back to her old stomping grounds later next week.
She let us know that she wanted to follow some of her lifelong goals and pick up on a lot of what she left off on when she came up here. Notablely, her passion for triathalons and personal training. Anyone who knows her knows that she loves both areas of fitness and the comereaderie that comes with it. She has been a wealth of knowledge for our customers and those she met in Ashland. She will undoubtably continue to inspire people wherever she goes.

We are sad to see her leaving, but we know she'll be back to visit the area this summer. So Please stop by this week to bid her a fond farewell, and to see what she'll be up to, or just to wish her luck at her next Ironman.

Thanks for everthing Darcy, we're gonna miss you!

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