Sunday, April 20, 2008

Catching up!

Well I thought this was rather appropriate considering the time that has past since the Joe King post. And congratulations again Joe, there are a miniscule amount of folks that can claim to be a world record holder at anything.

We made it through pear "32" in one piece, placing 3 or was that 4 Rogue Valley Runners in the top ten. Eric Skaggs took home top honors as the 1st Rogue Valley resident in 55:36 good enough for 4th place overall while Neil Olsen just took it all in stride to capture 7th place with a smoking 56:08. Hal Koerner and John Leuthold dug deep to finish in 57:00 with Hal crossing the line just behind John but in front of the chip time. How does that work? We may never know. Everyone will be glad to know that it hasn't stopped John from trash talking or from filing an appeal with the race management. Sorry John, but we had to out you.

Store employees Chris Rennaker (102:24), Ixel Sanchez(1:10:32), Ian Torrence (59:26), and Carly Varner (1:24:55) also completed the ten mile run with some 990 other folks. I must give a shout out to Jerry and Zellah Swartsley for putting on a 1st rate event. It was amazing to see so many people running and walking as well as supporting those on the course. We should have more events like the pear in the valley. A testament to their legacy for sure.

I want to go on the record, for those who haven't made in to the store since the middle of March, by saying that we have not moved down the street. I have watched people walk right by our door and into our second entrance, 1 door down wondering what happened to all the shoes. Well people, we have expanded 1,800 square feet and now have our store primed for running season. With the addition of Nike as well as a number of other vendors we needed to have more room and better dressing rooms for all out running/walking guys and gals. Alas we also have more space for shoe fitting and treadmill acessments. So please drop by and check out the new digs.

There are a few over due posts for later in the week so check back soon and don't forget to keep those feet floating!!!!!!


AJW said...

Ummm, excuse me, but what's that think on Hal's lower leg?



Rogue Valley Runners said...

It's a black band honoring all those that are attempting to beat me at Western!

Just a little foreshadowing, to pardon the pun

AJW said...

Nice! Thought so!

Tammy said...

oooo, love the new store with more goodies! Haven't been down to Ashland in awhile, but need to make the trek there from GP. Are you still taking old running shoes for recycling? I have a few!

Pear was great this year. I saw you all . . . of course, I was still approaching the turn-around as you all were flying by. . . . Nice job to so many of you!

Hart said...

store looks great hal... but not as hot as your shaved chest in the moeben ad in this months trail runner! so sweet dude...

Krissy said...

store looks awesome! Now that we are in summer (straight to summer from winter - we missed spring here in Bend) I look forward to finally making my way down to visit the Ashland crew. Can't wait to see all of the changes.