Monday, April 28, 2008

Races Waiting For You!!! The Siskiyou OutBack and The Full Belly

Just a note to those aspiring to challenge themselves in some quality races in the near future.

The Siskiyou OutBack 50 and 15 Kilometer Trail Runs are quickly sneaking up on us. The tenth anniversary of the race will be held on July 12th. That's really not that too long from now...especially with how fast these races are filling. The races start up on Mount Ashland and take an awesome stroll along the Pacific Crest Trail and back. The quota for the 50K race will probably meet it's limit in a week or so. BUT for those who are a little more sane, but still want to experience the fun, the 15K version of the race has plenty of room! The race web site is here. To register for the 15K you must do so on The race directors can be contacted at:

Here's another great opportunity to head out and support something important while working up a sweat. The Full Belly 5K Run takes place on Saturday May 17th at 8:30am at the Southern Oregon University Raider Stadium. The race will benefit Access, Inc, an organization that feeds the hungry locally in Jackson County. Every dollar donated to Access can provide six pounds of food, helping local people in need. Entries can be found at Rogue Valley Runners or at the SOU Involvement Center on SOU's campus. For information contact: Cerissa at (541) 552-6454 or at

Now, let's get out there and support our local running scene!


Marco Denson said...

Hi Hal,

I saw you at the Miwok 100k this past weekend and it looked like your feet were hurting as you walked. How did you do? will you be able to defend your title at WS100 this year? Hope you can make it. I will be volunteering this year.

Marco Denson

Rogue Valley Runners said...


I have been struggling with plantar fasciatis for a few months now. It was great to race at Miwok but my foot wasn't up to the entire distance. I thought it better to get healed and ready for States. If I am at 90-95% I have no doubt that under the right conditions(weather) you'll see sub 16.

Thanks for your interest and I'll see you on the course.