Thursday, April 03, 2008

Joe King Goes to Boston

Joe King at this weekend's USATF Master's Championships.

Central Point's very own Joe King traveled to Boston, Mass last weekend to compete in the USA Track and Field Master's Championships. He had two races on his plate: the one mile and the 800 meters.

Joe finished the mile run on Saturday in 6:56.28. On Sunday he came back stronger in the 800 meters by finishing in 3:07.66.

So what's amazing about that? Well, Joe's 81 years young folks, and his 800 meter time was not only an American Record, but it was also a World Record. Joe broke Rune Bergman's (of Sweden) 1995 time of 3:08.88.

Congratulations Joe! You are an inspiration to us all!


Rennaker said...

Yo JOE! Congratulations!

Todd said...


Tammy said...

That's amazing!! Way to Go JOE!!

Daniel N said...

Congratulations, Joe, on another record. After 17 years, Joe still holds the men's 65-69 5,000m record of 18:07. Wow!