Thursday, August 27, 2009

Transrockies Continues to Roll

Darcy Kleiman and Amy Nagle finish Day 4 of the Transrockies Run.

Got another update for you folks straight from Colorado and the Gor-Tex Transrockies Run.

Team Nike/Rogue Valley Runners (Martin & Koerner) and Team Hot Chicks (Kleiman & Nagle) are still moving right along. Everything looks good for strong finishes for both teams. After today's stage they only have one more stage to complete. Team Nike/RVR sits in a solid second place standing overall. Talented Team Run Flagstaff has all but "run" away from the rest of the pack. Barring any odd mishaps they should have the overall win wrapped up. At the conclusion of Day 4 Team Hot Chicks sits solidly at 9th place in the Open Women's Division. Keep it up ya'll!

Got a small report from Hal this morning, after his Day 5 finish:

"Everyday is a race! It's hard to continue and go out and hammer day after day. Andy likes to stand on the podium each day and so he pushes hard to finish in the top three. I'm near my breaking point, and I don't really care for or need another Nathan backpack. Today I ran a 5:50 mile at over 9,000 feet. I was getting passed while doing it! I'm ready to be done!"

A story, Taking the High Road, was written by Daniel Newberry and can be found here at the Mailtribune.

Hal Koerner leads the pack through the rugged Colorado mountains.


Runnerudite said...

If Andy forces you to win another Nathan Pack you can always send it to me. Its the least I can do.


AJW said...

Hey Ian/Hal,

I heard Erik had to hospitalized with Renal Failure. If he wants to discuss please give me his number or have him call me:


Hope all is well!