Saturday, August 22, 2009

BAM! BAM! Short but Successful Waldo and Leadville Reports...

This just in: Skaggs kills Waldo! Olsen wins Master's race and finishes fourth overall!

Also, following the Waldo report, a report from lofty Leadville, CO and the 100 Mile footrace that just happened there.

Rogue Valley Runner Erik Skaggs wins the 2009 USA Track and Field 100 Kilometer Trail Championships at the Where's Waldo 100K Ultramarathon.

At the finish line of the centrally located Oregon race, an exuberant Skaggs was heard commenting about his run, "It was a sweet but hard course. I had a tough section in the middle of race. For 15 miles I just wanted to quit, I wasn't having fun anymore. Things came around though and I pushed hard the remaining 15 miles to the finish. When I past each of the three Rosary Lakes near the finish I had to really fight the temptation to stop and go for a swim each time."

Erik not only finished first, he also set a new course record. 9:11:05! He took almost an hour off of fellow Rogue Valley Runner Neil Olsen's winning time from last year. Neil is running this year as well and was last seen fighting for a top five finish. Go Neil!

Update: 4th - Neil Olsen - 10:02:39 also under his old course record! First Master!

Check the Waldo web site or Craig Thornley's (the Race Director) Blog for more results, photos and reports from Willamette Pass.

Congratulations Skaggs and Neil!!!

Now to news from 10,000 feet and the Leadville Trail 100 Mile Footrace:

We just got these words from Jody Waters, crew and pacer for Ashland's John Price (SOB 50K race director):

"Ashland's very own John Price rocked the incredibly tough Leadville course, deciding that a sub-25 buckle wasn't quite adequate to his abilities or aspirations, and went sub-24 instead at 23:52. He was the 37th finisher and the 2nd in his class. We had an uncharacteristically warm day and tough conditions, and while he felt tested for a few minutes towards the end, his overall demeanor and general race execution were textbook. We were very proud and impressed. He did Southern Oregon proud and his pacers are quite elated to have been there to witness his oxygen-starved glory."

Hats off and congrats to you John!

***Stay tuned for more race updates from the Trans Rockies Run as our very own Hal Koerner and Darcy Kleiman battle it out over six days and 113 miles in the mountains of Colorado. The race started today...we'll try and keep you updated as it rolls along this week.


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