Monday, August 24, 2009

Transrockies and our Waldo Heros

Andy Martin (left) and Hal Koerner cover ground on Day 1.

150 Teams of two. Six Days. 113 miles. Colorado mountains, 12,000 foot passes, valleys, more mountains. $20,000 in prize money. The Gore-Tex TransRockies Run.

Rogue Valley Runners' store owner, Hal Koerner and RVR employee, Darcy Kleiman entered this year's race. Hal is teamed with Bend's Andy Martin. They are known as Team Nike/Rogue Valley Runners. Darcy is teamed with Ashland's Amy Nagle. They are known as Team Hot Chicks. Follow the action each day here.

Via phone Hal described the events of the last two days:

"Andy and I are feeling good after two days of hard running. We still have 83 miles to cover in four days, lots can happen. I'm really noticing the altitude...once we cross over the 9,000 foot level the lack of oxygen is very noticeable. The weather has been cooperating thus far, it could be really cold here now. They have a pretty cool tent city set up at the end of each stage. There are like ten massage therapists ready to help the runners recuperate. Team Run Flagstaff has been running fast! When they hit the flat terrain on Day 1, they just turned it on! Today (Day 2) we had a tight pack running over Hope Pass. One guy fell and broke his tooth, he's at the dentist now! It was one hell of a run this morning!"

As of Day 2, Team Nike/RVR sits in second place overall, roughly four minutes behind Team Run Flagstaff. Team Hot Chicks sits in 11th in the Open Women's Division.

The Where's Waldo 100K Ultra

Some photos (courtesy of Richard Bolt) from the Where's Waldo 100 Kilometer Ultramarathon of Rogue Valley's finest:

Your 2009 USATF Trail 100K Champion, seconds after finishing. Erik Skaggs, 9:11:05!

Your 2009 USATF Trail 100K Masters Champion, Neil Olsen, 10:02:39. He'll have his ice cream and eat it too.

62 years young, Mr. Ben Benjamin, 16:17:17. Still will show you how to get it done!


trudginalong said...

Nice Job Hal and Andy, the weather here in CO *should* hold up for fast running! Go get em.


Annie said...

Amazing and mind boggling Hal and Andy. You don't need luck 'cause you got the skill. What a feat.