Thursday, October 30, 2008

Central Oregon, Central US, and Central Southwest

Vegas wasn't the only thing going on lately. During the past few weeks several other Rogue Valley Runners took it upon themselves to travel to races far from home.

John Leuthold

John Leuthold made the trip to Eugene to battle it out in a large masters' field at the Pre's Trail Cross-Country Challenge. John took the lead early in the Five Kilometer Masters/Seniors Race and won in a commanding 17:02; 22 seconds ahead of his closet rival.

Joe Griffin

Joe Griffin made his way a little further north to Corvallis and the Peavy Arboretum for the MacDonald Forest 15 Kilometer Trail Run. Joe placed 17th out of 275 runners in 1:06:05. That time placed Joe third in the masters division.

New Rogue Valley Runner store employee, Kyle Skaggs, travelled further than anyone else this past weekend. Kyle jumped a plane to Springfield, MO for the Dogwood Canyon 50 Kilometer Trail Race. Kyle tied for first with his good friend Tony Krupicka in 3:48:58. They happily split the $1000 in prize money.

Here a photo of Kyle (wearing green and looking down) and Tony (wearing black) from Travis Liles Blog report of the race.

And though it wasn't a race Jenn Shelton, after her win at the World of Hurt 50 Kilometer Trail Race, celebrated at the equinoctial epicenter of geology; The Grand Canyon. Here's a good picture of her performing the infamous Grand Canyon Leap as she traveled from the Colorado River and back.

Nice work everybody!


Neil said...

Jen's a little more dynamic in front of the camera than Kyle.
Nice job everyone!

trail.nerd said...

It was great to see Kyle and Tony at the race, and entertaining to watch them sign autographs, but you should check your sources before posting results. There was a three-way tie for 1st in the 50K - Kyle, Tony and Matt Laye all crossed the finish at the same time and they split the prize money three ways.