Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wagner Glade Trail Work Redux

Work continues on the new Wagner Glade Trail. See a write up on the trail work in this Mailtribune article. All the downed logs have been removed and another 1/3 mile of tread has been laid down in the last two weeks. However, roughly 2/3 miles of tread still needs completion on the highest portion of the trail.

The view from Wagner Glade Gap and the terminus of the Wagner Glade Trail.

Here are few more opportunities for you to assist in the trail work going on in the region. The events are sponsored by the Ashland Woodlands and Trails Association.

October 11th: Time Warp Trail, a 3 mile downhill bike trail up by Mt. Ashland. Work with other downhill cyclist on key eroded areas. Meet at Ashland Ranger Station on Washington St. at 9am. See the following link for background information.

October 25th: Wagner Glade Trail in Ashland’s Watershed. Meet at Ashland Parks Department office in Lithia Park at 8:30. We will carpool into the gated watershed approximately ten miles then walk from there. We are reclaiming a trail that hasn’t been used for almost 40 years. See the following link for more information.

November 15th: Either Ostrich Peak Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail. Meet at the Ashland Ranger Station at 8:30. Check the AWTA website for further information.

December 6th: Ostrich Peak Trail. Meet at Ashland Parks Department Office in Lithia Park at 8:30. Check the AWTA website for further information.

Questions regarding the trail work mentioned above can be directed to Rob Cain at

Kyle Skaggs is happy to be putting time in on a trail he'll no doubt be running on in a few weeks.


Rogue Valley Runners said...

That is one hell of a cheeky Kyle Skaggs. He must LOVE trail work.

Joshua Brimhall said...

I didn't realize Glamour Shots had a "backcountry" option. It's very authentic.