Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wagner Glade Trail Work

Rob Cain and Tipper in the "Glades" with Mt. Ashland in the background. A view seen by few.

Allen Goffe and Ian Torrence cut a tree in the upper "Glades."

Ever thought what it'd be like to summit Wagner Butte from Ashland. Well, dreams do become reality. Through a cooperative agreement with the US Forest Service and the Ashland Woodlands and Trails Association the Wagner Glade Trail is close to completion. Over the past week, several work parties have traveled up to the foot of Wagner Butte from Ashland via Forest Service Road 2060 to punch through the trail.

Here the basics:

1) The trail is approximately two miles in length. It rises from the USFS 2060 road to the Wagner Glade Pass and connects with the Wagner Butte Trail which arises from the opposite side of the mountain.
2) It rises from approximately 5000' to 6600'.
3) The trail follows a faint, but already existing tread-way that was used up until the 1950's to supply the Wagner Peak Lookout, until that lookout burned down.
4) The trail skirts the "glades" high on Wagner Butte's flanks (as seen from Mt. Ashland).
5) There's water too, a small spring can be heard and seen from the trail's path. If it's flowing in September, good chances it flows all year round.
6) The trail is NOT yet complete. The trail is flagged, but about a mile of tread-work remains as does about a half-mile of downed tree removal. This is where YOU come in!

Work parties are still meeting and continuing to work on the trail. The next work party is headed up on Sunday (September 14th). They are meeting at the Ashland Park and Recreation Department in Lithia Park at 8:30AM. John Price is heading the work party this weekend. Contact him at to RSVP or to ask questions. Other work will be done as well on dates yet to be announced. If you can't make it this weekend, but want to do some work in the very near future contact John or Rob Cain at One day's all it takes to make the dream a reality.

Historic blazes that once marked the route to Wagner Glade Pass, and, now, will again do so.

Ian Torrence cuts tree that blocks the trail's tread-way.

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