Tuesday, September 09, 2008

McKenzie River Trail Run

The McKenzie River from along the course.

This past weekend a large contingent of Rogue Valley Runners headed north for the annual running of the McKenzie River 50 Kilometer Trail Run. Set along the beautiful McKenzie River, about an hour east of Eugene, runners would run a point-to-point course along the river under a canopy of dense, cooling vegetation. The race has a long, deep history in the ultrarunning community, as it has results that date back to 1988. It's a 'must do' for any trail runner.

This race started fast and ended fast! Todd Braje, of Eugene, won the race by setting a new course record in 3:33:17. Many personal records were turned in as well. Here's how the Rogue Valley group did...

The sea of green. Rogue Valley Runners off to a fast start.

Maria Clementi (#32, who would go on to complete her first ever ultra in 5 hours and 23 minutes) and Carly Varner (looking at her watch) head out for the 31 mile jaunt.

Ian Torrence finished second in 3:44:48, the sixth fastest McKenzie River 50K finish ever.

Todd Ragsdale finished in 3:58:23, 4th place overall, a new personal record.

Eric Poole finished 8th in 4:02:37, also a personal record.

John Leuthold finished 9th in 4:04:24, his fastest 50K time ever.

Chris Rennaker, finished 11th in 4:08:50...a PR as well!

Joe Griffin finished in 14th, in 4:17:53, a new personal record too.

Carly Varner ran her fastest 50K by finishing in 5:03:20, 9th overall in the women's division.

Becky Hacker finished in 5:08:14.

Full Results for the 2008 race can be found here. The photography is courtesy of Tom Riley.

The Rogue Valley Runners finishing photo! From left to right; Griffin, Leuthold, Rennaker, Torrence, Clementi, Varner, Poole, Ragsdale.

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K Skaggs said...

Way to go Gang!!

Killer finishes and impressive times. Also, Rennaker's style is killer - he should've been awarded a prize for just looking badass.

Rennaker said...

I second that motion, Kyle.
Fun race and a great group to hangout with before and after the race. Todd, take it easy on the devils piss next time....Outstanding job guys and gals!

aimlee said...

Wow, What a group of studs (women included)! That Clementi girl is amazing!

Darin Swanson said...

All I saw were flashes of green...

saschasdad said...

Attaboys and attagirls all around, Team Green. It looks like Ian is finding his form from a few years ago. 3:44 is blazin', my friend!

As for Ragsdale...I'll get you next time.