Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lithia Loop Trail Marathon Entrants

Here's the current list of runners (as of September 17th) who have entered the LLTM. That means 57 athletes are entered. This leaves 43 available slots to fill before the race on November 8th.

Please let us know if you see any glaring mistakes with our current information.
Name Age Gender Origin
Michael Sotos 33 M Ashland, OR
David Jordan 41 M Medford, OR
Luke Frechete 30 M Ashland, OR
Kelly Bradbury 38 F Smithfield, UT
Eric Dinger 34 M Medford, OR
Nikki Dinger 32 F Medford, OR
J.C. Callans 41 M Eagle Point, OR
Jennifer Callans 35 F Eagle Point, OR
Freeborn Mondello 29 M Talent, OR
Darcy Kleiman 31 F Talent, OR
Amy Nangle 38 F Talent, OR
Rick Blink 33 M Vacaville, CA
Rob Reckard 37 M Grants Pass, OR
C.B. Fralich 35 M Grants Pass, OR
Erin Fralich 38 M Grants Pass, OR
Brendan Holmes 29 M Klamath Falls, OR
Shahid Ali 23 M Ashland, OR
Kim Larson 37 F Ashland, OR
Chad Harris 32 M Roseburg, OR
Adam Cortell 36 M Talent, OR
Reeger Cortell 42 F Talent, OR
Stephen Itano 49 M Fairfield, CA
Lisa Dean 38 F Fort Jones, CA
Leonard Farr 44 M Newburg, OR
Courtney Pickett 40 F Ashland, OR
Phil Finch 58 M Reedsport, OR
Jennifer Sallee 38 F Ashland, OR
Brooke Bouer 34 F Talent, OR
Molly Holzshu 35 F Ashland, OR
Rene Millan 35 M Ashland, OR
Steve Waxmonsky 34 M Ashland, OR
Kouba Sayre 37 F Talent, OR
Luanne Park 48 F Redding, CA
Dean Heuberger 57 M Yamhill, OR
Megan Heuberger 28 F Ashland, OR
Darrin Bolz 41 M Medford, OR
Clem LaCava 60 M Corvallis, OR
Kelly Cronin 31 F Yosemite, CA
Rick Haase 63 M Shoreline, WA
Ali Miles 24 F Jacksonville, OR
Anne Crispino-Taylor 50 F Ashland, OR
Jinny Brown 55 F Ashland, OR
Lisa Bach 42 F Ashland, OR
David Kamp 61 M Corvallis, OR
Joe Mosley 54 M Eugene, OR
Sharon Mosley 46 F Eugene, OR
Grey Hecht 36 M Talent, OR
Susannah Beck 40 F Eugene, OR
C.J. Hitz 35 M Findlay, OH
Anne Hitchcock 30 F Auburn, CA
Hillary Noel 26 F Henderson, NV
Josh Brimhall 32 M Henderson, NV
Priscilla Anderson 32 F Murphy, OR
Win Goodbody 41 M Portland, OR
Terri Libert 40 F Eugene, OR
Stephen Hamilton 66 M Sunriver, OR
Kaija Staley 33 F Jacksonville, OR

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seagull junker said...

nice race hal. i see a couple of men and ladies that will tear it up in this thing. they will set some pretty stiff course records for sure.