Monday, October 22, 2007

Stagecoach Run

On October 13th Team Rogue Valley Runners took the Stagecoach 10K Run by storm, placing runners in four of the top five places.

After these parting words, "I'm going to make you pay." Talent, Oregon's John Leuthold laid down one final push over the last half mile of the 10K race to seal his victory against his closest competitor and rival, Hal Koerner. John crossed the finish line in 34:46. Six seconds later, Ashland's Rogue Valley Runners store owner, Koerner crossed the line. Central Point's Neil Olsen crossed the line third in 35:55. Rogue Valley Runners newest store employee, Ian Torrence, crossed the line in fifth about a half minute behind local hero and legend, Leonard Hill. Other notable finishes in the 10K were recorded by some of Rogue Valley Runner's Wednesday night group run regulars. Jeremy Eisen and Scott Martin finished in seventh and eight places respectively.

In the 5K, Talent's own Todd Ragsdale posted a second place finish in 17:46. RVR Wednesday night group runners Carly Varner and Maria Clementi finished in 23:55.

The race was sponsored and organized by the Southern Oregon Sizzlers. The races started and finished in historic downtown Jacksonville, Oregon. The contestants ran out and back on the Old Stagecoach Road. Most would agree that it was a long uphill return to the finish after the turn around! More than 130 runners participated.

Final results for the Stagecoach 5K and 10K can be found here. Congratulations to all runners!

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Rogue Valley Runners said...

Well, Stagecoach was a good run for me; thanks to Hal, I was able to get under 35 minutes. Tell you the truth, I didn't know he was in the race until the turn-around and I had about 15 seconds on him and Neil and knowing that the course was going to be mostly uphill for the next 2 miles, I was running scared. When I heard footsteps coming up behind me, I turned to see who had caught me and recognizing that it was Hal, I blurted out, "I'm going to make you pay." Don't know why I say things like that - sometimes I just say whatever comes to mind which can get you in trouble. Hal had no comeback for my comment, but I think he was determined to make me pay. It's a good thing that man never goes to the track or trains for short races like 10ks or he would destroy me. As is, I got by by the skin of my teeth and won. It was great to see Leonard Hill at the race, probably the most talented runner there and still running great for his age. He's an inspiration to us all.
John Leuthold