Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Results from Around the States: Vegas, Redding, and Chicago

Team Rogue Valley Runners went out of state this past weekend in order to test their skills.

Mr. Hal Koerner traveled to the outskirts of Sin City (Las Vegas, NV) for the World of Hurt 50 Kilometer Trail Race. Preliminary results had Hal as the winner in 4:17, out kicking local ultra-star Josh Brimhall by two seconds. Those two seconds earned Hal $500 in cold hard cash that he could later spend in the casinos of Vegas as he recovered from the race in style. Ashland's Carly Varner missed winning prize money by one place. She finished forth in the women's race in 6:36. More details and, perhaps, some photos of this race are forth coming. Stay tuned!

RVR store employee, Chris Rennaker, traveled south to the outskirts of Redding, California for the Whiskeytown 30 Kilometer Race. This was Chris' first race after a long recovery from a knee injury. After setting an early fast pace, he was passed by only one competitor in order to finish as a strong second place in 2:32:17. Congratulations Chris!

Many other Rogue Valley runners traveled to Whiskeytown for the 50 Kilometer version of the trail race. Aaron Reed was the first local finisher. He covered the course in 4:58:02 and cracked the top ten. Other local valley finishers were Jeremy Eisen, Becky Hacker, JC Callans, Robert Hodge, Vic Harris, Anne Crispino-Taylor, Mark Sherbow, Jennifer Callans, Tom Pelsor and Jim Clover. Results can be found here.

Finally, off in the quiet mid-west, RVR store employee, Ian Torrence, tested his mettle in a fast road 5K. Through the quiet morning streets of Downer's Grove, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) Ian managed to eke out a 17:39. Good enough for third place in the Trick or Trot 5K.


Chris said...

Thanks for the props. Good job to everybody this past weekend. I hope to see everyone again at some up coming races.

Now, let's celebrate Halloween....

Rogue Valley Runners said...

Hey all,

Good effort, glad to see so many Rogue Valley folks out there racing.