Friday, July 08, 2011

Come Get Some!

The 2011 Siskiyou Out Back is tomorrow and with that we want to wish everyone a great time on trails.  
This years course has been rerouted due to excessive amounts of snow on the crest and PCT.   It's a fast first 20+ so don't be fooled into thinking it's going to stay that easy.  The climb up Time Warp will be daunting and punch runners into the sun just as you reach the highest elevation of the day.  Rogue Valley Runners will be waiting for you at the aid station and we'll get you moving on to those last few miles!  

See you out there!    


Matt Newell said...

Wow, that climb was brutal! Looks like Max King, Erik Skaggs and Jenn Shelton managed it quite well. Killer times for all 3. My day was less impressive and involved bonking at mile 25. Trudged to the RVR aid station, feuled up with the help of the awesome folks there, finished depleted but with a smile. Thanks to all the volunteers!!!

Yassine said...

Well...I came and got some...just not the whole thing...I'll be back to get it, hopefully at P2P. Good to see you Hal. Nice to see everyone and well done to all that raced...beautiful country down there!