Thursday, February 17, 2011


 No, it's not really looming and it's not as dangerous and tough as some of you may have been lead to believe, but it is less than three weeks away. Put it this way, after running TNT, the Shamrock Run will go down like a piece of green cake.

The course will pit runners against some of the best trails and roads Ashland has to offer.  Run through Ashland's park jewel, Lithia Park, ascend the steep Granite Street Trail steps and hill to the narrow and windy Ditch Trail. After grabbing some water at the half-way mark ascend further up Hald-Strawberry Park hill and Hitt Road. Then start your downhill run to the finish while taking in the expansive views of the Rogue Valley below.

Forms are available here or RVR.  Sign up now to guarantee your technical tee, yes the tee is included in the $20 entry and proceeds benefit the AWTA.    


Rennaker said...

80 entrants and counting...

Michael Owen said...

You are a hard person to track down an email address for. I wanted to ask you some questions about Ashland. I am looking for things to do after I graduate in 60 days and am interested in that area. E-mail me back if you are interested in giving me the inside scoop.