Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Rogue Valley Stride and Strut

Sounds like we're getting ready for a fashion show.  After witnessing the styles paraded around the YMCA the last few weeks I believe it's sorely needed.  No, this post is about the upcoming 1 and 2 mile fun runs that you can participate in with your favorite pooch, hound, pup or whatever they're calling them these days.

The race starts at 8:30am February 26th where Granite St turns to dirt.  There will be prizes for various divisions of owners and dogs and dog and owners.   Cost is $15 and all proceeds benefit Friends of the Animal Shelter.

 Natalie Portman has been spotted training for the upcoming Stride and Strut.

Finally a race we can enjoy with our four legged (dog) friends. Fill out the form and bring it by Rogue Valley Runners.

I heard a rumor?!?!
Don't be left holding the proverbial poop bag.

Even Julia does it.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for your support on this Hal. Please people, sign up! This is my daughter's first attempt at organizing a fund raising event. Please come out and support her!