Friday, October 08, 2010

Ladies are Living Large

Maria makes her way to the top of Mammoth Mountain, over 11.000 ft.

Sounds like an En Vogue song or maybe something from the Pretty Woman sountrack, which it may be, but actually it signifies the accomplishments of a couple of RVR's fairer competitors.  By fairer I hope you all don't find me to be gender biased but rather more on par with the World Banks assumption of the fairer sex; 

"Numerous behavioral studies have found women to be more trust-worthy and
public-spirited than men. These results suggest that women should be
particularly effective in promoting honest government. Consistent with this
hypothesis, we find that the greater the representation of women in parliament,
the lower the level of corruption. We find this association in a large cross-
section of countries; the result is robust to a wide range of specifications."

This is neither here nor there, I'm just looking for comments in the darn comment section.

So back to the action.  Maria Clementi in her RVR swan song, we'll be sad to see you leave Maria but we're gonna like watching you go (stole that from Jenn "I want my miles marked" Shelton,) took top honors at the Moeben Mammoth Ultra Marathon 50k.  Racers enjoyed a tremendous day with perfect weather and a challenging course with spectacular views and stunning scenery.  All entrants reached the top of the mountain at 11,053 feet to enjoy the 360-degree, awe-inspiring vista of the beautiful Eastern Sierra mountain range. Her time of 6:01:48 was super human considering the summit and climb on the course,  looks like all that BTI running paid off eh Maria?  She traveled to the race with the illustrious Jenn Shelton however the miles and course weren't marked enough to keep her from running adrift.  As the results show, "the racer strayed off the course but still enjoyed running at Mammoth Mountain. "

Karolina awaits the start of the Skyline Ridge 50k.

Meanwhile,  at the Skyline Ridge 50k Karolina Wyszynska cruised to her first victory as well in 5:47:10.  The course is within the Skyline Ridge, Long Ridge, and Russian Ridge Open Space Preserves just outside Palo Alto, CA. The majority of the course is along the Bay Area Ridge Trail with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Cruz Mountains. Runners traveled across expansive meadows, through dense forests, and around quiet Horseshoe Lake.  It sure beat a night of aid station work at the Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run, but those things always make us tougher right Karolina.   Up next, Western States 100?   

Karolina receives the goods! 

To add a reminder, you can run with all the ladies on the Thursday night Ladies Group Run at 5:30 from the store.  They run for an hour on a mix of trails and roads.  Next week we'll be giving away a $100 gift certificate to the Blue Giraffe Spa so don't forget to join them.  Seriously.  


kizzy said...

Nice shots..
Love your post. Very interesting.
pearl izumi

Jenn said...

not only do I want the miles marked, I would like them wheeled not gps'd. Sincerely, the mile world record holder 3:44 coming down bti

Anonymous said...

i am living on the wrong side of the country in the wrong state!


I visited your store last week (my sister lives in Medford and I was visiting from Vermont). What a great running store--the best I have been to so far. Wished I could have joined you on a group run. Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

Jenn- whats your record going up?lol

Congrats to all the fine ladies representing S Oregon!

馬旖 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Nadine said...

-in support of your comments regarding women being in charge i've recently read two books: The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine, M.D. and Why Women Should Rule the World by Dee Dee Myers, former white house press secretary. Both of enlightening and i am sold - Women should rule the world! -Nadine

Nadine said...

well i am thinking about trying out your womens running group on thursday. are there any woman over 40? you all looks so very fit and fine.