Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Video Vault

We didn't need to dust these off but I wanted to share with you a couple recent accomplishments captured live and on film.  For those of you checking this out on you office computer I apologize, but there will be static blog up tomorrow.  Just turn down the volume! 

To keep you on your toes, I've got an RVR visor to the most timely answers to the following questions. Only one winner per video.

1.  In the CDR video, who is the handsome man in the white glasses?  Just kidding, what is the mislabeled info that accompanies the spot.

2. How many ultras had Timothy Olson run before his crushing of the P2P course?  

If you didn't know, now you know!


brent boyle said...
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brent boyle said...

Answer to #2 = 2.
Lake Sonoma and Lean Horse.

I love visors!

Mark Ryan said...

Answer to #1 - Death Race Elevation Change is incorrect. Net elevation change is 0 as start and finish are the same spot, shoul dactually read 17,000 feet not 1,700 feet on the video.

Epic Race Hal.

jahfaricm said...

Taking this one....

Elevation change is not 1700 ft for the Death Race.

Olson ran SOB 50k x 2, White River, Lake Sonoma, Wheres Waldo; before P2P.

Chris Mottola

Scotty K. said...

Answer numero dos = 5.

Including a runner-up at SOB and a win at Where's "the dude in the red and white striped shirt with the fuzzy-ball hat and walking stick"...you may know of him as Waldo.

Hope to make it up for one of 'em next year!

FastED said...

Timmy Olsen, man - keep it up!

Hal - your RVR visor is crooked.... AND you got a dey-go in your beard...

Anonymous said...

so when does pine to palm 2011 open up for registration? east coast coming to represent!

Rogue Valley Runners said...

Mark, you win. I'll contact you for that address.

Chris, if you don't count the S.O.F.A. 50 then you are #1, however I did see Tim take a shot of Jager on that run and that's about as legit as it comes.

Nice work gentlemen.

Duff said...

I really like the music and would like to add them to my playlist. Who are the artists?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Hal!

I've learned Jager leads to a fantastic bonk! I've ruled it out for anything more then a SOFA 50k.

Thanks Fast Eddy, great job your self at the Bear!

Mark Ryan said...

Hey guys, still waiting for an email requesting my address. It will be sweet to rock the RVR visor (a toque (beanie)) would be better for the winter, buthey, Summer's only 6 months away.