Sunday, January 03, 2010

Lest You Forgot, 2009 Retrospective.

My main goal for posting is to render an account of all things 2009, for those of you that prefer to "live in the moment." The past is easily forgotten, and it would seem runners are no exception to the rule. Perhaps we are worse. On to the next accomplishment, goal, race, place, fun time. So without further ado, 2009 in pictures, and captions of course.

Not much going on here. Let's just say pins don't fall as fast as miles around this quartet.

Congrats to Ian on winning the La Sportiva Oregon Hill Climb Series. Other fast performances followed like TRT and JFK but we gotta say you embraced the steep creep and I'm sure you're not going to miss that.

I now know Leland is better at foreshadow than beer miles. The look on his face, pre-run, told the tale of imbimbification and ultimately projection. Chris, you certainly made your strides at Cascade Crest 100, nice job peaking after the beer mile.

If you've ever run with Ian you know this is where he has to stay, behind you! Perhaps the ultimate motivation at WS this year.

I believe this is Skaggs way of letting Max know he can kiss his course record good bye.

"So you think you can dance?" Well Darcy certainly tore up the Rockies this year and benefited by throwing her own benefit, kudos. A stellar first 50 miler also preceded a close to 2009. Nice work gal.

Erik Skaggs best job of foreshadow, sorry.

Nick Lewis, in his first 100 miler, climbed his way to a stellar 2nd place finish at the Leadville Trail 100. His boss has two second place finishes there but Nick better not be shouting any finishing times if he wants that raise in 2010.

Nice work for our designer, she followed some vague advice and completed arguably the toughest 100 mile debut.

Pretty Ultra Impressive!!!


Rennaker said...

New year, new decade, new goals. Many of us are in Western States as well as other events. This will no doubt be another impressive year for the juggernaut that is Rogue Valley Runners!

Darcy said...

Nice work all! Good luck in 2010.

joerunner said...

you guys and gals rock at R.V.R.
Too bad there is a chip out of that rock.I am so sad to see that Ian is gone.Reminds me of the old saying LET THE CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY. Have a great year everybody

Ian said...

Nice wrap-up Hal! You can rest assured that I'll remember all the good times; the first just as clearly as the last...and, I believe, the last hasn't happened yet! On to 2010, but always remembering how I got to where I am today! Thanks man!

Cheers and congrats everyone!

Speedgoat Karl said...

Love the first shot, with looks on those boys' faces, they didn't break 100 rolling that ball. Time to head to Coyote Two Moon and get in some practice.

Carly should have a few votes for 100 mile debut, it was very impressive!