Thursday, January 14, 2010

Can of Worms

Dan Olmstead described it best the other day on AJW's blog when he commented, "you opened up a can of worms." I found the blanket statement rather relevant, somewhat outdated (who say's that anymore), overall pretty funny, and the epitome of what had been dug up this past week in ultrarunning. For those of you not anchored to distance running beyond the marathon, Ultrarunning Magazine just released it's 2009 Ultrarunning Rankings as well as 2009 Performances of the Year.

Insert gratuitous Mail tribune article:

Three Ashlanders ranked in Ultrarunning magazine Top 20

This piece on Southern Oregon's running heritage ran today as well:

Yep, Frank Shorter winning the inaugural Pear Blossom.

The Long Run

I should say that back in June when I won Western States, for the second time, against arguably the toughest field assembled in Squaw Valley, I had a stranglehold on the UROY voting and Performance of the year. Little did I know that times would fall, from such great heights, at races like Hardrock, S.O.B., White River, Where's Waldo 100k, Wasatch, Mountain Masochist, Javelina 100, JFK 50 and all in the span of 4 months. This would eventually force a panel of voters to wade through the wreckage of broken course records to determine a winner.

Luckily, a number of amazing performances were recognized and hours upon hours of dedicated mileage revealed. I think the voters nailed many of the top performances and runners of 2009. If there is any reason to doubt how the chips fell in 2009, well we'll take that up in 2010. 2009 will certainly be tough to replicate and by gosh it seems like a lifetime since 5 runners ran sub 17 at Western States.

Ultimately, the 22,000 + finishers of ultra marathons around the US turned in performances of a lifetime and to that we say, congrats.


crowther said...

Yeah, it really was a year crowded full of good performances -- so crowded, in fact, that I didn't snare a single 10th-place point in the UROY voting even though I beat the mighty Hal three times in three attempts. :-)

Anyway, congrats on a fine year! I'll see you out there again soon....

Rogue Valley Runners said...

It was tough seeing you blast by me on multiple accounts.

I think Chuckanut was long forgot, but how JFK didn't garner any votes is a completely different story.

Nice year to you too!


AJW said...

Great post! And, just in case you're wondering, I love worms!

Can't wait to visit RVR this spring.


peach fuzzzz said...

To Hal or whoever at Rouge Valley runners,

I wanted to know if you had any job openings in early march to mid march? I'm a high school student from the northeast who really wants to see another part of the country while being able to run on some of the best trails in the land. I am willing to do any kind of work as long as I have time to run. If you feel like it you can e-mail me at if your willing to take a chance. Like I said, I'm willing to do any kind of work. And to anyone else who reads this and lives in a great area of the country to run. I am willing to do any kind of work and can sleep wherever so long as I have ample to run.

Andy Martin said...

Congratulations to Ashland! You should enjoy this while you can though because Bend will be in the hunt for 2010. See you at SOFA!