Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Skaggs Still Recovering

Since his release from the hospital, Erik has kept a pretty low profile. He spends his time at home, eating a low sodium, low potassium, low protein diet, and hydrating. We caught up with him today...

Skaggs says, "I'm eating salads, pasta, basically bland food...can't even have red sauce! I was up all last night peeing. That's a good sign, but I'm still 30 pounds overweight. I spend a lot of time lying on my back looking at my fat stomach. I spend my time hanging out with my brother, Kyle, and Jenn. I'm trying to stay positive. I feel much better today and my breathing is easier. I think I'm headed in a positive direction even though my enzyme levels have risen slightly in the past few days."

Here's today's Mailtribune article on Skaggs' status. Definitely some interesting comments being fired back and forth at the end of this article...

Meanwhile, several races have developed with the purpose to raise funds for Erik.

Here's details on a race in Memphis.

Rumor has it a similar run might happen in Washington State?

Here in Ashland, Oregon plans are going ahead for the "Birds of a Feather Run", a run for Erik Skaggs. The date has been set for October 24th and starts near Lithia Park and The Plaza in Ashland. Rogue Valley Runners and Southern Oregon Runners are working together to put this run on. Stay tuned for further race information and the application process.


Danimal said...

I am looking forward to running your Feather race Mr. Skaggs. Get healthy, come back stronger and wiser, and until then, stay strong.

Kurt said...

wow I can not belive the reader comments !!! Stay strong and rest up Erik.

Annie said...

I wanted to respond to several of the comments posted in response to the Tribune's artile, but decided I didn't want to put myself at that level -- some of those comments were just downright mean!

Get well Erik, and I look forward to running the Feather race, even after my hundred!

Melissa said...

Thanks for keeping us posted and organizing ways to help. GO GO GO Erik and friends, and disregard the nasties in the MT forum. Find peace and rejuvenation in the support posted on this blog and through the ultra/running community, which truly reflects and respects you.

erik said...

Everyone who has been kind enough to send a good word, hug, or thought in my direction in the past week…thanks so much. You guys and gals make me smile daily with levels of kindness that continue to amaze.

Take care everyone…and you can all have an imaginary water retaining 180pound Skaggs bear hug if you like,


Craig Thornley said...

Good to hear from you, Erik.

You're generating quite a discussion at the MT.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't RVR offer health insurance to their employees? Just sayin...

This is a tragic case of a top-flight, professional athlete who doesn't have access to even basic medical care and advice.

It would be interesting to know how much Ibuprofen he took after the race to lead to renal failure.

Best of luck for a swift come-back!

Tammy said...

best wishes to you Erik for not only your physical recovery, which is most important, but ease in handling the medical bills as well. On the upside is that hospitals are generally very good to work with as far as financial assistance and bill reduction - I've had to do that in the past myself.
Looking forward to running in the upcoming local race for you.

crunningman said...

I certainly wish Erik the best and a full recovery for sure. This is a wakeup call for me, as I'm sure it is for other runners as well.

Speedgoat Karl said...

Yo Erik, I think some of those comments on MT site must be friends of many who criticized me on the AT. What a bunch of beaters!

Get well! and a check is on the way. I'll take one of those 180lb bearhugs!

Hell of a run at Waldo! -Karl

Jen C. said...

Yea Erik! So good to hear that you are on the mend!

Rogue Valley Runners said...

To Matt: RVR wishes that at this time insurance was
affordable for a small business. At the time I began procuring this business even my boss dropped his coverage for his employees because a million dollar store
couldn't handle the load. Even as the cost approaches affordability, the deductables (15,000) become outrageous.

RVR will play a large part in making sure Eriks future is
free of these medical costs.

This certainly speaks to the times and where our administration takes us in the next few years.


Darcy said...

We love you Skaggs and can't wait for you to be back with us at the store. You are missed and most certainly needed! Rest up friend let us know if you need anything at all.

Anonymous said...


It sucks that any business has to choose between offering health insurance and keeping the lights on.

The employer-supplied health care model is not sustainable and puts American business at at disadvantage in the world market. It also puts average citizens at risk.

It's too bad that WA doesn't have a state run program like NY - here, any business can offer reasonably priced coverage through a state sponsored insurance plan. It works great and should be a model for a national system.

I think that it's great that RVR is going to take care of their own...and also that the ultra community has rallied behind you guys.


Rennaker said...

Get that fat, bloated, lethargic looking ass back to work soon!!!
but get better first
we loves you mang

Fairbanks said...

Glad to hear things are getting better. Hang in there!

AJW said...


Glad to hear you're on the mend and I look forward to one of those 180lb bear hugs next time we cross paths. Although I bet it'll be my 180 lbs and not yours.

And HK,

Totally understand the Health Care conundrum. No easy answer in reach.


Anonymous said...

Get well soon man...

This has opened up a lot of people's eyes.

Change is coming