Friday, July 24, 2009

Treadmill Uphill Challenges and Outside Magazine Press

Hal Koerner, Rogue Valley Runners' owner and top dog, headed east to Salt Lake City this past week to take in new products and ideas at this summer's Outdoor Retailer Trade Show. He couldn't get away, however, without going head to head with Tony Krupicka, former RVR employee and current Leadville Trail 100 Mile champion. They fought it out on the Uphill Treadmill Challenge. Fifteen minutes at a 10% grade. How did they fare? Hal was heard saying, "My arms went numb." In the end, Tony just out-leaned our local southern Oregon hero.

Hal and Tony beat each other up on the Treadmill Challenge. (photo by Kevin Peaslee)

Gotta love this story in the July 2009 Outside Magazine about our hometown girl Jenn Shelton.

Written by Christopher McDougal, the author of Born To Run, the short piece is a good read.

Jenn Shelton as seen in July 2009 Outside Magazine's profile piece.


Peter Lubbers said...

Awesome. Just curious, how many miles did Tony and Hal rack up in those fifteen minutes?

Rogue Valley Runners said...

1.89 to 1.86 but we were smashed by an Collegiate 5k champ 2.04

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