Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pacific Crest Trail and White River 50 Mile Trail Races

A couple of trail ultramarathons took place last weekend; let's discuss. Up north, near Mt. Hood, the Pacific Crest Trail 50 Mile Ultramarathon went off. Among the 126 finishers were three of our favorites:

Clyde Aker, 10:00:47
Annie Crispino-Taylor, 10:29:45
Ben Benjamin, 11:01:11

Annie Crispino-Taylor hits the trail.

Yreka's Clyde Aker.

Ben Benjamin looking good.

Further north, in the state of Washington, the National Trail 50 Mile USA Track and Field Championships took place. Set at the foot of Mt, Rainier this course has it all: riverside running, breathtaking views and pulse racing climbs. TheWhite River 50 Mile Trail Race attracted several of southern Oregon's ultrarunners. Here's who did what:

Hal Koerner, 7:43:01
Darcy Kleiman, 10:11:20
Carly Varner, 10:29:06
Mark Sherbow, 13:32:19
Chris Rennaker, "50 kilometer option"

Renn-Dog contemplates his 50K effort.

Hal rests in the brush after his top ten finish.

Darcy finishes her first 50 miler! Yoo Hoo!

Carly is all smiles after her finish. We like that!

We'd like to do a little shout out to former RVR employee Anton Krupicka's awesome finish at White River as well. Not only did he win, he cruised to a seemingly unbeatable course record in the process! 6:32:07!
Tony bounces to the finish and the win.
Congratulations to everyone, good work, nice efforts!


Rennaker said...
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Darcy said...

It was so much fun hanging with all you cats. Can't wait to do it again!

Annie said...

Yes, I literally had just "hit the trail" prior to this photo. I couldn't control my emotions: those puppies were so cute!

A dip in a cold lake never felt so good at the end of a run.

Great job everyone!

Justin Ricks said...

Chris should have tried the marathon option. It is a closer trip to the car.

Anton said...

It makes me so happy that someone captured a picture of Hal residing in the brush. Also, remind me to spend more tapers partying with Mr. Koerner.


Rennaker said...

It did cross my mind.