Saturday, March 21, 2009

TNT Visions

Almost 200 registered and 180 finished!!! The weather held out again. Erik Skaggs won for the second year in a row and lowered his own course record by 33 seconds to finish in 35:02. Jenn Shelton won the ladies race in 41:09 a new course record by six minutes and 39 seconds. In fact, five ladies broke last year's course record!!! Thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers that made the race a huge success. Thanks for all the participants in making the TNT another fine event. See you next year! Same time and place.

(l to r)Chuck Whitley, Krista Olsen, Carly Varner and Darcy Kleiman work as volunteers at this year's was folks like them that made the event run smoothly!

The Start...runners and walkers head out for six miles of pure pleasure!

Joe Vale and Sarah Wilson run side by side on a portion of The Ditch Road.

Megan Heuberger and Anne Reid enjoy the course together.

Jamil Coury, from Arizona, sprints up Strawberry Hill.

Jessica and Duane Miller came up from California for the race.

Colin Anderson is happy to be a part of it all.

Jenn Shelton wins the ladies race in course record time.

Your top three finishers: (l to r)Bob Julian (third), Ryland Karlovich (second), Erik Skaggs (first)


Rennaker said...

Good work Erik! And everyone else who enjoyed the perfect running conditions.

Next year we'll get Max to race this and push you so you actually break a sweat, Erik.

Jenn said...

rennaker thankyou for congratulating the men's winner. women should be considered lucky to volunteer.

Rennaker said...

Jenn Shelton is an ass.