Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Applegate Lake Bedtime Story...

The Protagonists:

Abbey "How many ticks can I collect" Koerner

Todd "Sandbagger" Ragsdale

John "I'm gonna cut that switchback" Leuthold

Hal "Compression socks" Koerner

Ian "Wasn't this supposed to be an easy run?" Torrence

Aaron "Tort Claim" Brian and Scott "Where's the sun?" Jurek

Tim "Shiatsu massage" Olson

The Setting:

Applegate Lake, southern Oregon/Northern California, temps in the 50's, sun, no shirt necessary.

Views of the Red Buttes Wilderness Area, still looking cold, snowy and uninviting.

Tasty Single Track!

The Plot:

Running, 2 hours and 18 minutes.

Running, 17.6 Miles.

Running, averaging 7:54/mile on an assortment of trails, two track and roads.

The Curtain Call!

Re-introducing the Cast (l to r)Tim Olson, Aaron Brian, John Leuthold, Todd Ragsdale, Scott Jurek, Hal Koerner (not pictured: Ian Torrence and Abbey)

Your Moment of Zen:

A photo of a photo.


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You guys are blessed for sure! Never take it for granted.

saschasdad said...

Only 7:54 pace? Without the Skaggs boys and Tony, Ashland is getting soft.