Sunday, November 30, 2008

Erik Skaggs Settles a Score

Sometimes winning is just not enough.

After winning the 2007 edition of the Quad Dipsea, a 28.4-mile trail race that takes place in the Marin Headlands just north of San Francisco, Ashland, Oregon resident and Rogue Valley Runners employee Erik Skaggs still wasn't satisfied. You see, there was still one thing that bothered him: he had missed the course record by 30 seconds. Bound to rectify the situation, Erik set out in 2008 with one of his main running goals being vindication at the 2008 Quad Dipsea.

A study in effort. Skaggs lays it down.

With an impressive "stick-to-itness" that only manifests itself when you want something bad enough, Erik worked hard and focused his energies. Low and behold his work paid off! Erik not only became a repeat Champion at the Quad Dipsea, but he also eclipsed a course record that has stood for 16 years (held by infamous northern California runner Carl Anderson). Finishing in 3:52:16, only 13 seconds ahead of Anderson's record, Erik has cemented himself in the annals of ultrarunning history. The second place runner finished 23 minutes behind him!

Cresting one of the many climbs on the Quad Dipsea course.

Erik Skaggs passing through an aid station.

Ashlander Jenn Shelton also started the 2008 Quad Dipsea. Jenn dropped at the half way mark, while in the lead. Why? She was heard mumbling something like, "There was no way I was going to turn around and run up those darn steps again!"

Jenn Shelton found that half of the Quad Dipsea was good enough this day.

More photos can be found here. A short article can be found at the Marin Independent Journal.


kate said...

GREAT job, Erik! We were cheering for you as we ran! Dwight has a bunch of pics for you, we will send a CD with them to the store! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sean Lang said...

Impressive performance!

Billy said...

Is Skaggs, Inc. traded on the NYSE or the NASDAQ. Way to roll my man! Hell yea.....

James Varner said...

way to go erik!!!!

Krissy said...

Nice work Erik! Awesome to see hard work rewarded :)