Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Products Made to Move You!

Its that time of year again when the products that I ordered way back in the Spring of 2011 have now made their way to the showroom.  I almost forget how amazing the product is considering we have to look at it here everyday of the season. Now I understand most of you don't get the opportunity to make it in here as often, and why would you, you've all headed back to the trails, road, gym, XF, etc....to get back in gear for the spring season so here's a few ideas to get you, well, back in gear.   

Suunto M1 heart rate monitor.  $100 w/ comfort band and easy to read.
New Nike Zoom Elite, lite tempo trainer with plenty of cushion for the long run.
What most of us have been waiting for, the 20 hour all - in - one Garmin GPS, $450.
Are you kidding, wrist top GPS from Soleus for only $100! 
IceBreaker tops because, it's freaking cold outside people.
New NB 890. Super light, traditional drop, minimal seems, great racer/trainer. Think Pear Blossom.

We've also had our spring shipments of the new Brooks Adrenaline and Asic's 2170 shoes.   There's plenty in store to keep you running through the winter months here in Southern Oregon because in all actuality it isn't that bad. 

Now, who would be up for a ladies discount day this Sunday in lieu of watching the Super Bowl with the boys?  


Scott Dunlap said...

I tried out that new Garmin, and it's seriously dope. It even counts laps in the pool! MUST have. ;-)

Viper said...

Got to get that 910......late xmas present to myself?