Saturday, November 05, 2011

Results and a few Pics are Up!

Well you'll be able tell from the pics below that the event was not an easy one despite the ridiculously fast times up front.

Max King breaks his own course record by almost 10 minutes and Megun Lund Lizotte comes up just short on the women's side.   Check everything  here.

Mile 13, Max seconds in front of Ryan Bak  

Eric Poole feeling optimistic
Erik hangs with John Tribbia over the top.
The Stacies!  Not like in training eh ladies? 
It would get better.  
Perhaps a look of indecision from Karl Pryor.
Clayton, Jen and Annie pause to fuel the furnace. 

More snowy scene from mile 15.7


Yassine said...

Wow...lots of snow! Max is machine-like. I'm looking forward to getting back to Ashland in 2012 for some unfinished business :) Congrats on another race and good luck at NF50.

Runnin' Shorts said...

A big thanks to all the aid station crews out there on the loop Saturday. It was great to see bunches of smiling familiar faces.


Annie said...

I second that big thanks to all the aid station people -- you were all awesome! And, thanks to Hal and crew for putting on another flawless event. (Sorry about the snafu with the arm panties, but that's not your fault.)

Eric said...

Great event again. HUGE thanks to the aid station crews up in the snow. You kept things positive.
And Hal, your are the consummate RD. Well done.
I'll be back again next year.