Thursday, September 08, 2011


The Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance run is slated to start next weekend 9/17.  With that we are looking for a few individuals that would like to see parts of the course from, well, the last of the pack. 

That's right, we're in need of a few more sweeps to follow and close the course as runners make their way over the Siskiyou Crest from Williams to Ashland.  

If you have interest in running anywhere from 15-25 miles please let me know,  I promise you all the potato chips, coke, and M&M's you can handle.  


Matt Newell said...

Plain or peanut M&Ms?!?

Koz said...


If I have a typical 100 performance I'll be available to sweep, while still officially running, somewhere after mile 70. You can put me down as an alternate.


Rennaker said...

I think Tim O. is going back out to sweep after he finishes. He needs more miles that week.

Anonymous said...

If I was in Ashland that weekend I'd totes be in. Next year?

The Dutchmen said...


We've already reserved a cot for you at mile 66. You like a fluffy or hard pillow?

JKjaer said...

Hi Hal,

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