Friday, December 17, 2010

Some Serious Accomplishments

Just a small collection of awards from the past 4 ultra parties.   

Along with the fantastic skit many of you have viewed, a number of significant achievements were recognized on the evening of the ultra party.  Some I have chosen to leave out because, well, you have to be there to fully comprehend the madness.  

Gold Toe- Mel Bailey ( for completing all ten running's of the  Hagg Lake 50k )

Mel receiving her 10 year plaque
Mr Obscurity - Ben Benjamin ( running the most obscure 100 milers of 2010 )

Mr Boring - Erik Skaggs ( usually pertains to clothing choices, no hospital visits lets him take this one )

Too Damaged to Party - Eric Poole ( and to have kids too )

Longest Way - Tia Boddington ( Traveled to Morocco for the Marathon des Sables )

Bloodiest S.O.B. - Aaron Brian ( That's why they invented nip guards )

I've run everywhere - Shahid Ali ( 10 plus ultras in 2010 )

Under the Radar - Carly Koerner ( sub 24 at Western States )

Breakout award - Carly Koerner ( Western States 2010, literally not figuratively )

Pretty big inside joke, but relevant either way.

Gold Toe - Jenn Shelton ( fastest 10 miler in a monokini, also literally not figuratively ) 

Pacer of the Year - Jenn Shelton

Dead on Arrival - Neil Olsen ( Dutchman AS at Pine to Palm )

Fastest Family Woman - Dana DuVivier

Fastest Family Man - Neil Olsen

Gold Toe - Erik Skaggs

Biggest Asterisk of the Year - Erik Skaggs ( Flagline 50k ??? )

I wasn't at the finish with everyone but I think this is what it looked like.

Training Log - J.C. Callans

Traveling Beer Mile Trophy - Hal Koerner ( Still undefeated! )

Most Focus Beer Miler - Brad Noyz ( check the video )

Worst Judgment - Heidi Paine

Worst Blister - Annie Crispino-Taylor

Gold Toe - Timothy Olson

The Big Toe Award

Longest 100 Streak - Ben Benjamin

Gold Toe - Karolina Wyszynska  ( Skyline 50k, for wins people )

Running during Ramadan - Shahid Ali

Credit Card - Hal Koerner ( nuff said )

Didn't Get lost - Erin Keller

WTF award - Timothy Olson ( victories everywhere )

Virgin S.O.B. - Mike Sotos

Gold Toe - Hal Koerner

Injury of the Year - Darcy Kleiman 

Additionally, there were many awards that centered around the first annual running of the Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run.   Likewise, there is video of this circulating on youtube as well, however this announcement is more to let you know that registration is open for the 2011 event.  Yes, we will be running it again so ultrasignup.

This is the guy you'll be chasing!


Scott Dunlap said...

Awesome awards! I like the WTF award. ;-)

Koz said...

I know he's not part of the RVR group (or is he?) but #1391 definitely deserves at least an honorary "Caught Looking" Award.

Koz said...

By the way, Hal, I hope the traveling beer mile trophy is displayed at least as prominently as those cougars...being able to run fast while drinking is at least as much a display of versatility as winning 50Ks and 100s.

Rogue Valley Runners said...

Oh yes Jeff, I'm more worried that someone might steal the Beer Mile Trophy so it's kept under wraps in my office. So I can look at it each day and beam with with pride. Plus it's just so handsome.


AB said...

Please take care of stud man and beer can. The beer can needs light windex twice per month and be careful about too much direct sunlight on the stud man

John Price said...

You don't have the right picture to go with the Pacer of the Year.

Derek Schultz said...

love the Flagline 50k finish picture of Chicago!

Great awards, looks like it was a adventure fun filled year!