Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beer Mile Part Deux

You asked for it!  Winner's time 6:21. 


Derrick said...

Very nice!

Hal, I think you must have had an unfair advantage after probably having some good Canadian Beer following CDR.

Love the baby stroller in the infield family experience ;)

FastED said...

Hal - your hat was crooked.

Tim - were you drinking out of a bottle? Don't know if that slowed you up or the skirt

Ian - Dare you to do a Waldo beer mile. Chicken?

Billy said...

Congrats Hal!

chum said...

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SO Experience said...

Yes chum, we know there are many gods. Hal is one of them. I can't run a mile in 6:21. I can't drink 4 beers sitting down in 6:21.
Is Wine Cellar Coolers pissed of that we didn't have a wine cooler mile?

saschasdad said...

That must have been Joe's final tune-up race for PPM this weekend - I love it!

What's up with the Shelton and Skaggs no-show?

wenfly said...

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