Friday, April 16, 2010


In 1985 Bob Holtel started quite an adventure as he attempted to run the entire length of the Pacific Crest Trail.  He completed this arduous journey over three summers and his adventures spawned the book Soul, Sweat & Survival on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Now, with a rekindled fire of adventure burning in his soles, Bob hopes to once again complete the Pacific Crest Trail over the next two summers ending with a finale in Campo, California on his 80th birthday.

As you can imagine an attempt to complete this trail in such a short time will require detailed logistics and help from lots of good folks.  If you would like to volunteer support for any extent of the trail please click HERE.  More specifically, Bob is presently in need of volunteers for his Southern Oregon leg which is detailed HERE.

Not only will you experience a beautiful trail but undoubtedly you will be saturated with wisdom that only a sage of the PCT such as Bob could bestow.  If you would like to contact Bob directly give him a ring at 310-378-6616.  He would love to talk trail with you.


Cameron said...

wow, doing it all again in a shorter time aged almost 80. hope I have that drive at that age, what a machine!

Rennaker said...

nicely done erik