Sunday, December 13, 2009

Southern Oregon Ultra Party

In stunning fashion the Southern Oregon Ultra Party was held this past weekend in Ashland at Rob Cain's house, located on the fringe of Lithia Park. The masses descended on our host's house, as did the hilarity and booze.

Without further ado, the recipients of this year's awards are as follows:

Best Paula Radcliffe Imitation-Becky Hacker
Annie Sandwich-Annie Crispino-Taylor
Team Check Engine Light-Erik Skaggs
The "WTF" Award-Erik and Rob Cain
Drunken Pacer Award-Ian Torrence
Best 100 Mile Stare-Carly Varner
Keeper of the Oregon Trail-Annie
Derek Zoolander Poster Boy Awards-Chris Rennaker and Hal Koerner
Most Borrowed Clothes-Erin Keller
Mind Over RF-John Price
Will Pace for Aid Station Food-Eric Poole
Fastest Family Man Award-Neil Olsen
Dumbest Injury Ever Part 2-Ben Benjamin
Most Damaged Feet-Jody Waters
Most Damaged Stomach-Clyde Acre
Things That Lean A Lot Award-Rob
Most Damaged Overall-Rob
Most Damaged Period-Erik
Puke Of The Year-Jenn Shelton
Puke Runner Up-Ian
Worst Route Navigation-Ixel Sanchez and Shahid Ali
100 Mile High Club-Renn, Erin, Carly, Annie (officially this year!)
50 Mile High Club-Eric Poole, Darcy Kleiman
Best Crew-Carly
Hall Of Fame Crew-Sally Jones
Best Aid Station-Renn and Eric Poole
Streaker (no, not naked) Awards-Mark Sherbo and Ian
Gold Toes-Hal, Erik, Jenn, Rob, Ian, John

Now onwards to some visions of the night of infamy.

Tim Turk wins the Phoenix Award, rising from the ashes.

Line-up now folks. Skaggs will be cutting a CD before you know lyrics ever!

The Skaggs hydration pack. IV included!

Renn wins the Poster Boy Award (see cover of TrailRunner Magazine).

Neil Olsen wins the Fastest Family Man Award.

Mel wins the Mud Queen Award.

Jody wins the Most Damaged Feet Award.

Jenn Shelton wins Best High School Assistant Coach Role Model Award. We're glad this photo is grainy...can you say incriminating? Phew!

Hal and Carly are gifted the all practical "Wedding Planning for Dummies."

Skaggs wins the WTF? Award. Get in my belly!

Darcy - Saltest Runner Award! Cheers!

Annie shows off her winnings. A newly developed ultra-light and insulated running jacket.

Aaron Brian wins the Fastest Beer of the Beer Mile Award. He didn't even puke.


Danimal said...

Love eht! Maybe best post of the week!!!

SO Experience said...

A few "awards" were inadvertently left off the list. These include:
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt award for most common name in ultrarunning--John Price
Best email after a party (best party we weren't invited to)--Brian McGuire
Just add Tequila Award--saltiest runner--Darcy Klienman
Runs like a Dog Award--John Price
Most Photogenic Pacer--Erin Keller
Ernest Shackleton Award--Tia Bodington

Needless to say, a fun time was had by all. Bigger and better next year.

_Eric_ said...

Can I get that picture of Jenn on the bike?!?!