Monday, May 11, 2009

McDonald Forest 50K - Sweeping with White Russians

(L to R) Neil Olsen, Eric Poole, Hal Koerner and Chris Rennaker chill after an awesome effort.

This past weekend on the outskirts of Corvallis, Oregon the McDonald Forest 50 Kilometer Trail Run took place. A few ultrarunners from the Rogue Valley went up to race; and race they did. With brooms in hand, the Rogue Valley Runners almost swept the top five spots at this year's race. RVR owner Hal Koerner led the charge and won this year's race in 4:01:33. The Valley's newest professor, Chris Rennaker, finished third in 4:27:34. Resident reality specialist, Eric Poole was fourth in 4:30:17. The neighborhood's favorite doctor, Neil Olsen, finished in fifth and crossed the line in 4:31:04. Ashland resident Ben Benjamin finished in 6:30:11.

Eric Poole tries to evade "The Big Lebowski" Crew at the Dimple Hill aid station.

Rennaker takes The Lebowski Crew up on their White Russians offer. He believed the drinks to be a bit weak.

Fourth place 50K finisher Eric Poole had these things to say about his day at Mac Forest:

"This is my first ultra," said John from Bend as we were waiting in the porta pottie line before the race. Chris Rennaker was in line also and we immediately started to give encouragement and that brought other comments from the folks in line around us. "Eat and drink more than you think you should", "take it easy on the downhills", "start out slow and taper" was another good one."

"This comment by John from Bend about his first ultra snapped me into thinking about how Mac Forest was my first ultra in 2002. I was soon to become a father for the first time in 2002 and this was the last hurrah before the reality of being a father set in. I remember many parts of that first ultra like it was yesterday. I remember bonking so hard coming into the last aid station and how it took many minutes for the cola, potato and salt combo that I consumed at the aid station to kick in and for me to get running again. I remember the coaching and friendship and encouragement that Tim Turk provided leading up to and during my first ultra. "

"I did not run another ultra for a few years after my first as I fumbled my way through being a new father, starting a new career, etc. Nine years later to find myself back at Mac Forest, hanging out with some good friends, meeting some new friends, enjoying a PERFECT weather day, soaking up Mother Nature and making memories that will last a lifetime was a fantastic reminder of why doing these events is about the run and so much more. I doubt that John from Bend will be reading this but if he is I hope that he had a great time this past weekend and is looking forward to his next ultra."

"Thanks to all who made the Mac Forest 2009 such a fun event. The course was marked perfectly, the weather was outstanding, the hangout scene after the event was a hoot and I am looking forward to going back again soon!"

Koerner is welcomed to Dimple Hill by Jesus. Donny does a good job in attending to his bottles.

Nice work gentlemen!!!


olga said...

Eric, don't forget to sign up for PCT50! And yes, the White Russian was weak, next time I'll serve the real deal and see who makes it to the finish:)

Rennaker said...

Is that Theodore'Donny'Kerabatsos getting your bottle taken care of, EP? I wonder if he had a heart attack when the Germans came through the Aid Station?

Awesome aid station btw! Way to go Dimple Hill, the NEW Khe San, Lan Doc and Hill 364! You might not get that joke if you don't know the movie people...

Great run Everybody!

Neil said...

Chris was breathing so hard down my back that I didn't have time to enjoy the ambiance of the aid station. And nice job, Eric, dropping me hard that last mile.

WynnMan said...

Don't worry Donny they're just a bunch of nialists. Nice work fellas! Nobody Fu@#s with the Jesus!

Dan Olmstead said...

Those in and out burgers, those are tasty burgers. No heart attack but I did do some dammage running hard down the hill after the helping clean up at the aid station.

saschasdad said...

Top quotes of the day:
Eric: "I'm going to name you the mayor of the Mac". He said this to me after I exchanged hellos with every early starter we passed. It pays to be a good r.d. - you get lots of encouragement!

Early starter Eb Engelmann as I was passing him: "You're doing great, Sean. Scott Jurek is only about a minute up on you." Ah Rennaker, to be mistaken for Jurek was undoubtedly THE compliment of your life.

But far and away, the very best quote came from nice and quiet Neil as he passed me with 3.5 miles to go: "I don't know how it got there Sean, but you have a HUGE monkey on your back!" Thanks, Neil. I'm just gonna call you NN from now on - Nice Neil.

Damn you, RVRers, damn time I'm totally breaking up your near-sweep.